Movies from the 1980s that will transport you back in time

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By Kaleem Ullah

The 1980s brought a breath of fresh air to the film industry. Several films defined the 1980s era, and we’ll show you the top 5 that you’ve undoubtedly seen, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Blue Velvet was released in 1986. With this film, David Lynch made a true masterpiece.The everal films marked the era of the 80s

The tale is intriguing, despite a few logical flaws, and it is full of breathtaking vistas and views. The picture has a progressive plot; everything that appears to have no significance at first connects neatly later on, and their symbolism is realized.

The Lost Boys was released in 1987. This film is often credited as ushering in the age of comedy-horror films, owing to the outstanding performances of two young actors: Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, who were at the height of their careers at the time.

Lucy Emerson, a divorced single mother with two sons named Sam and Michael, moves to Santa Carlo, California, to live with her father. Soon after, Michael meets the strange female Star and her gang, and he has no idea what is in store for him. However, when he discovers that they are all vampires, it is too late, as he becomes one of them as well.

Trading Places was released in 1983. Louis Winthorpe III is a wealthy businessman who possesses all of a man’s necessities. On the other hand, Billy Ray Valentine A beggar and a pickpocket, on the other hand. The Duke brothers, Winthorpe’s bosses, come up with an interesting wager: if the two’s lifestyles are changed, their habits will change as well: Billy Ray will become a recognized broker, and Louis will become a criminal.

Other films

Can’t Buy Me Love was released in 1987. The romance between teenagers. What we all yearned for during those years. Ronald Miller is a recent graduate who desires to be one of the most well-liked students on campus. Of all, this wouldn’t be a teen film if there weren’t ‘other’ individuals involved.

Cindy Mancini, one of his coworkers, is a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school, but she doesn’t seem to notice him. Miller, on the other hand, has a lucky streak. When Cindy ruins a costly gown, Ronald offers her the money she needs to replace it if she agrees to date him for a month.

Cindy agrees despite her reservations, and her new boyfriend turns out to be precisely what she had hoped for.

Weird Science was released in 1985. Another film about teenagers is worth seeing. Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly, two unpopular teens at school, fail miserably in their attempts to be liked by their peers.

They do, however, have a brilliant idea one day. In their quest to be liked, they use their computer to “make” a woman. Their life creation is a lovely woman named Lisa who will assist them and whose goal is to boost their self-esteem by putting them in circumstances where Gary and Wyatt want them to act like men. They face several amusing roadblocks on their route to acceptance. Fantastic film.

There would be no Watergate if it weren’t for Martha.

In eight episodes, the series “Gaslit,” adapted from the podcast “Slow Burn,” attempts to present a lesser-known story about the events surrounding the Nixon incident, including the wiretapping of Democratic Party political opponents in the Watergate apartment complex.

During Nixon’s presidency, Martha Mitchell was the eccentric wife of John Mitchell, the state’s attorney. The sweet-spoken woman, who donned opulent gowns and cat-eye glasses, wielded enormous power since she frequently publicly chastised the American president’s policies.

In her interviews, she played with the audience’s emotions and spoke casually about the Vietnam War as if it were a passing thought. Her popularity on television was undeniable. Martha was a pop icon who received greater public adoration than Pat Nixon.

“If it weren’t for Martha, there wouldn’t have been Watergate either,” the American president claimed in a 1977 interview. Despite being a member of Nixon’s political party, Martha was the first to openly condemn Nixon’s role in Watergate, which forever impacted her life.

When her husband attempted to conceal the scandal’s facts, she got suspicious and attempted to alert the media. She then told her wife that if she wanted a silent partner by her side, she should find another wife.