Seven Yummilicious Cakes That Will Leave You Wanting for More

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By Kaleem Ullah

“Surprise!” Doesn’t the word itself make you happy? From your mother surprising you with your favorite dish at the dining table on a gloomy day to your loved one showing up at your doorsteps on a random morning without any notice, surprises do not fail to fill us with unanticipated joy. Needless to say, there are hardly any people who don’t like surprises. How about you sweeten things up the next time you plan to surprise your loved one? Cakes are the key to their heart. From birthday cake to anniversary cake, or simply a cake to reward yourself for combating Monday blues – there is nothing that a cake can’t solve. Don’t feel like getting out of your couch/bed to get yourself a cake? Online cake delivery in USA has your back. You can order tastiest cakes of your choice from the comfort of your home within few minutes. You can also surprise your dear ones by sending them cakes and gifts online.

Listed below are a few drool-worthy cakes.

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Mousse cake: With its lip-smacking flavor and airy texture, this exquisite cake will melt in your mouth almost instantly and bring heaven to you. As the divinely rich and creamy mousse melts in your mouth, you lose yourself in the world of sweet delights. Savor and share the sweetness with your loved one.

Alphabet Cake: Getting a customized gift (in this case, a cake) makes us feel like we are on the top of the world. So why not consider getting an Alphabet cake for your bundle of joy? It looks adorable and customized, giving it an edge over the other cakes. This will also make a unique birthday cake.

Photo cakes: Your anniversary deserves something out of the box; something exceptional; something that’ll make them cry tears of joy. Photo cake comes to your rescue. You have to choose a photo that would surface old memories and let the cake cast its sweet spell.

Rainbow Cake: Rainbows symbolize hope. About to start your life afresh? Or want to reward yourself for getting through a tough time alone? This rich, 7-colored cake is sure to lift our mood any day. Brush off the sadness, rejuvenate and add colors to your life. Here’s to new beginnings!

Oreo Cake: Remember the twist, lick, dunk catchphrase by Oreo? From grown-ups to kids, every one of us loves to lick the sweet filling sandwiched between two wafers. But what happens when we turn that into a cake? Magic. Satiate your oreo cravings with this moist cake topped with Oreos and chocolate sauce dripping from its edges.

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Red Velvet Cake: This fluffy, moist vanilla delight will leave you wanting more with its delicately delicate, buttery taste. With a hint of chocolate and a velvety texture, this luscious cake tinted with red toppings is highly irresistible.

Kitkat Cake: Also known as “Hot Tub Cake,” KitKat cake is fenced with Kitkats and filled with M&Ms and candies to its brim. This cake is not only a feast for the eyes but tastes heavenly as well. Brownie points if your loved one loves munching on KitKat.

Coffee Cake: Does your spouse thrive on caffeine? Are they a firm believer in “more expresso less depresso”? Then this coffee cake won’t disappoint your partner. With a perfect blend of caffeine and sweetness, this cake will leave behind the kind of coffee-like aftertaste your loved one desires.

How much cake is too much cake? Dive into the world of cakes and add some sweetness to your relations with these unique delights. Along with cakes, opt for online gift delivery in USA today and watch your loved one’s face break into a priceless grin.