Best Bookshelf Speakers under 250

Best Bluetooth: Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

What We Love

Fantastic audio quality

Beautiful design

Bluetooth with Bluetooth

What We Do Not Like

Heavy, bulky footprint

There is a dearth of sound-shaping solutions

Brand name Bargain

These Bluetooth-connected speakers give you the convenience of wireless audio which works well on the latest Apple and Android device. They also come with two additional inputs, allowing you to connect two devices at once, and remote control for the music. The sound inside is clear and clear through a dome 19mm speaker and a bass driver of four inches that creates a full sound. Low frequencies are amplified with an external bass reflex port that allows for greater bass power. There are additional adjustment options via the included volume control, which includes adjustments for treble and bass that range between -6b to +6db.

The speakers are made of classic high-end MDF wood and feature an appealing walnut finish. One speaker is active and has five-pin connectors to the passive speaker , and both feature RCA inputs.

Best Value: Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Speakers

What We Like About HTML0

Full bass response

Sleek, impressive look

Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like About HTML0

There isn’t enough detail in low volumes.

Small speaker drivers

Subwoofer required for full enjoyment

Klipsch is an iconic American audio company has created a unique pair of black and copper bookshelf speakers guaranteed to bring a smile to your face each time you start them. These small, versatile speakers feature 1 inch aluminum linear travel suspensions with that are horn-loaded, and a 4-inch copper high output IMG woofer. A unique 90×90 Tractrix Horn can be paired with the tweeter for an unbeatable high-end sound that is crystal clear and produces a vibrant, natural and also natural sound. Additionally, the it is copper spun Injection Molded Graphite woofer minimizes distortion and cone breakup which results in a remarkable low-frequency response. Together, they create the highest quality sound with a clarity that is unmatched in its price.

The entire thing is packed into an black polymer veneer cabinet equipped with a rear-firing port and five binding posts. So, it’s the ideal choice for flexible connections that can be used with the configuration you have in mind.

Best Price: Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers

What We Love

Great value

A well-rounded, high-quality sound experience

Substantial construction

What We Don’t Like About HTML0

Some roughness when volume is high

Safe, boring design

There aren’t any bells or whistles

The couple of Polk bookshelf speakers have been a staple in the market for several years however it’s still the best option for beginners. The case is finished in simple black polymer veneer which is complemented by the black grille for speakers. Inside, you’ll discover a polymer composite 5 1/4-inch woofer as well as an ultra-smooth 3/4-inch tweeter capable of handling 100 watts with the 60Hz-24kHz range.

The drivers with wide dispersion and the tweeters have been enhanced with Polk’s unique Dynamic Balance function that provides a cinematic response with low distortion. The pair of speakers are enclosures that are shielded by magnetics to ensure less distortion and better clarity. In addition, the technology ensures that the speakers function in a way that is synergistic and perform complementary functions to give the most optimal sound quality.

Polk Audio TSi100

The TSi100 are among Polk Audio’s earlier speaker models and , as such, the price of $210 can be bought at a much lower price right now. They’re not the most powerful speaker, however they’ll be well in a small to medium space.

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

The Pioneer SP-BS22-LR has been available since 2013 but they’re one of the top audiophiles you can get for less than $200. They’re made with the help of Andrew Jones, so these small speakers are packed with more heft and clarity than their diminutive S

The Wharfedale D310

Wharfedale is most famous for their extremely high-end line of reference loudspeakers. The D310s are based on the same technologies as its high-end models, like the Kevlar-woven midrange driver as well as bass reflex port which makes them sound amazing. They’re also available with various designs, including black white , and walnut.

The Fluance Signature HiFi

This audio company from Canada is known for producing some of the finest turntables that are also inexpensive. In recent times, they’ve expanded into bookshelf speakers , and no surprise, their Signature Series HiFi are designed to work well with Fluance’s high-fidelity turntables.

Polk Signature Series S15

In 2017, the Polk Signature S15s were released in 2017, and are an upgrade from the TSi100s prior to this one. They are based on the company’s more expensive speakers, including those with the Terylene dome tweeter and high-efficiency woofer. This means they offer a clear and crisp sound. With their curly edges and walnut-finished finish and a walnut finish, they’re attractive speakers.

Q Acoustics 3020

Q Acoustics is a UK-based hi-fi manufacturer that produces some of our top inexpensive loudspeakers. The 3020 are actually an older version of the 3020i models, which were released in 2018 however they appear and sound similar. Additionally, since they’re bit older, you can find the best price for these speakers.

Klipsch R-51M

The R-51M are among the most affordable speaker in Klipsch’s premium Reference line of. Each speaker has an 5.25-inch driver, along with Klipsch’s Tractrix horn, which is the brand’s signature and, in combination they can provide a rich and room-filling sound that has deep bass. They also have a stylish retro style that is unlike any other bookcase speaker in this price bracket.


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