Benefits To Know About Himalayan Yak Chew For Your Pet

Canine teeth are no less than weapons. They use their sharp teeth and pointed jaws for hunting and eating prey. The incisors tear the prey, whereas the molars are best for chewing and grinding. Canines have an inherent need to use their jaws and teeth even after taming. This can be seen in their passion for chewing on different objects.   

The pet market is full of treats that stimulate canine chewing besides offering health benefits to dogs, such as improved digestive health, immunity boost, and muscle and joint relief. However, filling your furry friend’s bellies with dog treats ahead of their scheduled mealtime can ruin their appetite and cause them to skip eating a suitable amount of pet food. Hence, it is advisable for dogs to snack moderately.

The Himalayan dog chew fulfills this gap and provides multiple benefits to pets, such as dental health and good oral hygiene. The Himalayan Yak is a bulky, long-haired, cow-like animal tamed in the Himalayas. The Himalayan Yak Chews are high in protein and low in fat. Hence, perfect for a growing pup or a grown-up dog. Yak chews have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and have zero trans fats. They are hypoallergenic and can improve breath by cleaning the crevices around your dog’s teeth.

The healthiest dog chews are long-lasting and made with the right ingredients. Yak cheese made from the milk of Himalayan yaks is most suitable for your dog’s health and digestive system. Read on to know what makes Himalayan Yak chew the best for your dogs.  

FDA Approved

Yak chews are U.S. Food &l Drug Administration (FDA) approved. It is a quality assurance for overprotective pet parents. Hence, you can be sure about the safety of these pet treats.     


While shopping for pet food, it is essential to look for added ingredients. Many pet food companies use low-quality ingredients to improve pet food flavor and prolong shelf life for overall profits. Himalayan yak chews contain only natural ingredients, nothing else.


Pet treats tend to mix with canine saliva. This may lead to a stinky situation and demotivate the pets to eat food. Himalayan yak chews are completely odor-free and won’t leave smelly air in your house.   


Food dyes can leave unpleasant stains and permanent marks on your expensive carpets and floors and add to mental tension. Himalayan yak chews don’t leave stains on the ground and carpets or furnishings. Hence, they are easy to feed your pets anytime and anywhere.   

Completely Digestible

Raw skin is unsuited for pets’ bellies. Untreated morsels can get lodged in the digestive tract and make your furry friend sick. Himalayan yak chews are entirely safe and friendly for pet digestion.   


New pet parents may fail to notice how their pups react to different foods. Like humans, dogs might have different kinds of allergies. However, Himalayan yak chews are gluten-free and grain-free and are 100% more digestible than rawhides and similar dog chews.  


Cow milk base can upset your dog’s lactose tolerance level. As lactose gets eliminated in the making process, Himalayan yak chews are safe. So, yak chews are entirely safe for pets sensitive to lactose.

High In Protein

One of the main benefits of yak chews is that they are naturally high in protein content. This helps your furry friend get the most of the proteins in nutritional requirements.  

Low in Fat And Salt

Some pet food manufacturers look for easy profits in the production process. Pet parents may not emphasize checking the dog treat’s nutrition label and overlook fat and salt content. Yak chews follow the nutritional guidelines for dog-appropriate correct fat and salt ratio.


One of the key benefits of Himalayan yak chews is their long-lasting benefit. Unlike other ‘blink and miss it’ dog treats, yak chews go well with the most aggressive dog chewers.

Aids in Dental Health

The chewing action of yak cheese encourages dental health in dogs as it reduces bacteria in their mouth and fights tartar and plaque formation. It further cleans their tongues and freshens their breath.

Best For Fussy Pets

Dogs find Himalayan yak chews incredibly delicious. Its natural ingredients make it ideal for lapdog taste buds. The milk, salt, and lime combination satisfy even the fussiest dogs.

How Safe Are Himalayan Yak Chews

Yak chews are a safe alternative to ingredients used by other dog food manufacturers. These chews have passed the safety tests and provide your dog with more nutrients and natural ingredients. 

Many pet parents give their furry friends yak cheese chew as a special treat. The ingredients go through the baking process to create a hard, cheesy base that is converted into chews. As a dog chews on a yak stick, its saliva breaks down the chew, and your dog gets to enjoy a healthy and tasty treat.

The Bottom Line

Dogs love to chew on almost anything, whether television remote or shoes. The correct food can make the difference between a healthy pup and an unavoidable vet trip. Provide dogs with suitable yak chews for their healthy teeth and gums, and tackle undesirable behaviors. Keep stocking all-natural and nutritious Himalayan Yak Chews sourced from the Himalayas.



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