Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation is the process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts and focus. More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation and it can be a useful tool for those coming out of

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is the most common reason why people even try meditation. Physical and mental stress cause increased levels of cortisol. The effects of these can cause depression and anxiety, disrupt sleep, increase blood pressure, and contribute to cloudy thinking and fatigue. Mindfulness meditation can reduce the inflammation response caused by stress.

Help with Anxiety

Reduced stress levels translate to less anxiety. Meditation itself can also just help reduce anxiety. Meditation can even work for job-related stress and anxiety.

Better Emotional Health

Certain forms of meditation can give you a more positive outlook on life and lead to improved self-image. Meditation can help reduce depression levels by reducing the inflammatory chemicals that are brought on by stress.

Helps with Self Awareness

Meditation can help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself to help you grow. Self-inquiry meditation aims to help you increase your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others around you. Some other forms of meditation can help you recognize thoughts that can be self-defeating or harmful. If you have a better understanding of your thought habits then you are able to steer them in more constructive ways. Meditation may also help give you more creative problem-solving skills.

Longer Attention Span

Meditation can be considered weight lifting for your attention span. It will help increase the endurance and strength of your attention. One study has shown that meditation might be able to reverse the patterns in the brain that contribute to poor attention, worrying, and mind wandering. Even meditating for a short period each day can help with better memory and attention.

Helps with Age-Related Memory Loss

Since meditation can help with better attention span, it has also been studied for the effects on age-related memory loss. Kirtan Kriya is a method that combines a chant with the repetitive motion of your finger in order to focus your thoughts. Studies of those with age-related memory loss have shown improvement when this type of meditation is used.

Generate Kindness

Some meditation types can help increase positive feelings. Metta is a type of meditation that is known for loving-kindness and begins with developing kind feelings and thoughts toward yourself. Through this type of practice, you begin to extend kindness to friends and then eventually enemies. The more time people spend in this meditation, the more positive feelings that are experienced and the benefits accumulate over time.

Help with Addictions

Meditation is used a lot in rehab in Austin TX and for those battling addiction. It can help break dependencies by increasing awareness of triggers and self-control. Meditation helps people redirect attention and manage impulses and emotions to help fight addictions. It can also help control food cravings.

Better Sleep

By becoming skilled in meditation, you can redirect the racing thoughts in your head that often lead to insomnia. Meditation can also help relax the body and release tension. This puts you in a more peaceful state, where you are more likely to fall asleep.

Help with Pain

Perception of pain is connected to the state of mind and it is elevated in more stressful conditions. Research shows that incorporating meditation into your routine can help you control pain.

Decrease Blood Pressure

Meditation also has some physical benefits, such as decreasing blood pressure and reducing the strain on the heart. Over time, blood pressure makes the heart work harder to function, which is why it’s necessary to control it. It helps to control blood pressure by relaxing nerve signals that coordinate blood vessel tension and lowering stress hormones.