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5 Effective Herbs to Fight Anxiety

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We are living in troubled times. From the current COVID-19 pandemic, daily worries, career changes, derailment from a breakup, or sudden death of a friend or family member, life is full of stress. While we are expected to “go with the flow,” that’s always easier said than done.

Even so, feeling stressed out, sad, or stressed out are normal human responses to our environment. Some of us have full-time jobs, a family to take care of, never-ending to-do lists, and yet we are still required to find time to socialize with friends and family and exercise. It takes struggle to juggle all these things, and sometimes struggle will evoke anxiety.

With mental health disorders on the rise, we are experiencing the highest stress levels in history. With millennials being the most affected, one can wonder whether social media or technology could be to blame.

More and more people are spending most of their time engrossed in their smart devices and people’s lives. However, with a pandemic insight, news of infections and death are only adding up to panic attacks and increased levels of anxiety.

There are many health remedies that can positively reduce anxiety including CBD, you could look here to understand how you can use CBD oil for anxiety. While self-isolating at home, we look at five herbs that can help you fight anxiety. CBD Nationwide topicals offer various CBD products for various purposes , you can check them online

1.  Kava Kava

Kava kava is famous for its anti-anxiety properties with good reason. Research shows that it effectively reduces anxiety and can help create a blessed-out feeling for most people. The taste is intriguing and can almost numb your mouth. It has been used for ritual purposes in Polynesia as well as for its pain-relieving and sedative properties.

However, because some people tend to feel high from using Kava Kava, we recommend that you consult a health professional. The last thing you need is to experience hormonal imbalances or fail to function properly because you weren’t advised on how to go about consuming this herb.

Over-consumption of this herb can also damage the liver. Hence people with liver problems or who consume alcohol regularly should avoid using this herb. If you don’t have liver problems, you can comfortably use this herb to relieve anxiety 3-4 times a week. Kava kava is more effective when used as a tea, capsule, or tincture.

2. Skullcap

People who experience anxiety, along with muscle tension, restlessness, and jaw clenching, can benefit from using a skullcap. It is also useful for people who can’t actually sit still or feel like their world is falling apart when they experience bouts of anxiety.

Skullcap is a useful herb for people looking to unwind or deal with not only their anxiety but the accompanying restlessness and muscular tension as well. It is more effective in tincture or tea. Limit your intake to 1-2 grams 3 times daily.

3. Passionflower

Passionflower is an effective herbal remedy for people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), as well as those with cortisol imbalance and adrenal fatigue. If you tend to give and give until you have nothing left for you, this remedy could be what you need.

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You can take this herb when you’re feeling like your head is spinning out of control, or your heart is racing too fast during a panic attack. It is effective in both tincture and tea form, but skullcap tincture is easier to use. Put 20-40 drops in your water.

4. Lavender

Popularly known for its pleasant scent, this herb has been beneficial for aromatherapy as an essential oil. It has therapeutic and relaxing properties that help improve mood imbalances and relieve mild anxiety, as well as stomach distress and insomnia.

Studies have confirmed the herbs calming abilities and positive impact in sleep. You can take orally as a supplement or liquid form, or you can spray it on your body or apply it as a body lotion.

5. Chamomile

Drinking a cup of chamomile tea has long been associated with getting a good night’s rest. However, while also treating insomnia, this herb can also reduce stress, treat gastro and menstrual disorders, as well as reduce inflammation.

Studies show that it can help reduce both moderate and severe symptoms of anxiety. It will also help people experiencing other symptoms of anxiety-like restlessness and insomnia. It is best taken in tea form.

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