Top 5 Bonsai Plants To Keep You Healthy

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Having a green friend in and around your new work from the home setup is quintessential in the current time. For starters, the plants’ green leaves absorb all the toxins in the air, leaving you with cleaner and fresher air. Moreover, they also offer phenomenal beauty to the environment. In almost every metro where there is a dearth of space, one of the best plant options to get to your homes is a bonsai.

Of course, for planting a bonsai tree, you do not need a garden or a sprawling lawn for accommodating the plant; having just a miniature version of the Bonsai can be a good value addition to your home office. Here, we will discuss with you five bonsai plants that you can plant right away. All of these plants are easily accessible, and you can even shop for these bonsai plants onlineLet us get started and discuss these plants one by one.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple or the Acer Palmatum is one of the top-picked bonsai plants. They are particularly famous for their vibrant color, lobed leaves, and easy adaptability to become a bonsai. This plant likes breezy and a sunny place to thrive well. However, you must never forget to put your plant in the shade during the time when the afternoon heat is high or during the mid-day.

More so, extreme frost or winter is also not healthy for the plant’s growth. The planters can form cascade style, informal upright, broom, or formal upright with this tree. You can shop for Japanese Maple bonsai plants online at a budget price, and this plant will sure make your home office an energetic and happy space.

Bodhi Plant

Another one of the most sold bonsai plants is the Bodhi Tree. Also known as the Ficus Religiosa, it is the tree under which Siddhartha Gautam underwent religious and social awakening. Consequently, he became what you may know today as Lord Gautam Buddha. Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment while he meditated under this gigantic shady tree.

The Bodhi plant is also known as Bo-tree, Peepal, and Sacred Fig. These make for phenomenal Bonsai. Since it is a shady plant, you can place it in a sunny area in your home office. It is a tropical plant that loves heat and sun. However, bear in mind that the cold or frost waves are pivotal for the growth. The aerial roots offer great sight. The shiny heart-shaped leaves are bronze colored. However, after maturity, they turn glossy green. You can form several styles in the Bodhi Plant, such as rock over the root, informal upright, formal upright, twin trunk, semi-cascade, cascade, broom, and Banyan style.


Jade Plant, also known as Crassula Ovata, can be a great Bonsai Plant. It is a succulent plant that has fleshy and thick leaves and stems. The stems and the trunk looks tough, and the leaves have a cute appearance. For growing this Bonsai, you need sunny and breezy weather, along with a high temperature. Several forms can be formed for this plant, such as clump, slanting, root over rock style, and informal upright.

If you are shopping for bonsai plants for the first time, you should start with Jade. It is because it requires minimum efforts for it to thrive. You may begin to notice star-shaped pale or white-pink flowers during the fall season if all goes well. Additionally, some people also believe that the Jade plant tends to bring good luck and prosperity. So, if you wish to shower some luck, you can get home this beautiful green friend.

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Dwarf Schefflera

If you want to shop for one of the popular bonsai plantsthen Dwarf Schefflera can be your go-to pick. It is one of the popular trees and is known for its phenomenal features. The plant’s special features are known for its drought resistance. More so, they are low maintenance and are tough to kill. It is again one of the best bonsai plants online if you are starting out your journey as a beginner. For the growth of the plant, you need to shower the plant with indirect and bright sunlight. You can form semi-cascade, informal upright in this plant, clasped to rock, cascade, rock over the root, clump style, and banyan. It is also known as an umbrella tree.


For planters who desire to add some beautiful and vivacious colors to their interiors, the perfect pick is the Bougainvillea. When you look for these bonsai plants, you can find a couple of beautiful looking options. The plant is known for its attractive paper-like flowers, which can add to a certain drama in your home office. These beautiful and bright flowers can soothe your mind and eyes. The plant needs a minimum of five to six hours of sunlight to thrive. Your Bougainvillea will not survive in freezing weather. The good thing is other than formal upright; you can form any classic Bonsai with this tree.