AdSense CPC in South Africa 2022

What is the AdSense Cost Per Click (CPC) in South Africa? That’s a question that we sometimes get from people. In this article, we are going to give you an answer using the example of a working blog that monetizes via AdSense. This information will, hopefully,d help others on the African continent who are looking to take up blogging as a career. A lot of people have been trending towards online work and passive income as Covid 19 shows no sign of going away any time soon. So, what’s the AdSense CPC in South Africa?

Cost Per Click from AdSense in South Africa


The above screenshot shows the AdSense earnings from a blog whose main traffic comes from South Africa. There are other countries on there that put good appearances, but South Africa is the main source of traffic.

As you can see, in the past 30 months, the blog got 24 900 visitors from South Africa. That’s about 830 per day. This blog gets about 2000 visitors every day and the South African contingent is the biggest. The blog focuses mainly on Tech related content.

That tends to be better paying than some other niches, so that’s something to keep in mind when comparing with your own blog. During the period under review, the site in question earned $151.39 from South Africa. These earnings cannot be compared with those from, as an example, the United States, but South Africa has the best CPC on the continent. But what is it?

What is CPC

The Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount of money that a publisher earns when someone clicks on an ad on their site. There are many factors affecting the CPC. The main of these is the competition for your target keywords. If a lot of people are bidding for advertising space on your site, your CPC will be higher.

How to calculate the CPC

One would think calculating the cost per click is a simple matter of dividing the total earnings by the number of clicks. However, that is not the case. Google does not only pay in terms of clicks. It also pays for impressions. Impressions are the number of people who view an ad, even without clicking on it.

That’s referred to as the Impressions RPM. So, the above earnings include both the CPM and the Impressions RPM. But what’s the average page Impressions RPM for South Africa? In order to get that answer, we have to drill down into our AdSense report.

Based on the information that’s in our AdSense, the average Impressions RPM for our site over the past 30 days stood at $1.71. But what does that mean? It means for each 1000 impressions, we were getting about $1.71. That’s something that we have to factor in as we calculate the AdSense CPC for South Africa.

AdSense CPC South Africa

Now that we know our Impressions RPM, we can safely calculate our AdSense CPC for South Africa. We have already noted that during the period under review we got 24 900 visitors to our website from South Africa. From that, we got $151.39.

So, that means the amount that we got from impressions was 24.9 * 1.71. That’s $42.5. So, we are removing that from the total that we got to remain with 108.89. That’s the amount that week from clicks in 30 days.

It’s the amount that we are going to divide by the total number of clicks, which in this particular instance, stood at 1050. That gives us 0.10. So, the average CPC for that particular blog over the past 30 days in South Africa stood at $0.10.

The variables

One thing to note here is that many variables come into play when calculating how much you are going to earn from AdSense. For one the country that you are targeting has a bearing on your earnings.

We have already noted that South Africa has the best CPC in Africa. Other countries perform so dismally that the entire thing does not seem worthwhile.

Earnings are also determined by your traffic. If you get more people to your website, you are going to earn more in turn. It’s as simple as that. In most instances, you will earn more from 10000 visitors than from 1000.

Another factor that comes into play is the industry around which your blog is focused. If your blog talks about insurance, you will earn a lot more than on the example used in this article. That’s because people who advertise their insurance products are willing to pay more for a slot on sites where their content is relevant.

How can I increase my AdSense earnings?

That’s a question that’s constantly being thrown about on the internet. The thing is, it’s not easy to go from zero to one dollar when doing online work. A lot of people give up here. They create their blogs and before they are even a month old, they start dreaming about earning thousands from AdSense.

However, the reality of earning 20 cents per day soon brings them back down to earth. Our advice is not to join AdSense or any other advertiser till the site has at least 1000 visitors a day. If you join too early you will be doing yourself a disfavor.

For one thing, Ads severely reduce the speed of a website. And we all know that site speed is a major SEO ranking factor, particularly these days of mobile devices. We are not just saying this simply for the sake of it.

We have another site that’s 5 months old. It focuses on South African tech news and tips. That covers such things as the internet, telecommunications, and much more. This site now gets over 1000 views per day, in spite of the fact that it’s so young.

The reason for this is that we haven’t put ads on it yet. We have taken the view that we will only put some up when it reaches 2000 visitors per day. As a result, all pages get a score of over 96 on Pagespeed Insights. So, there is no need to rush to put ads on your site. Grow your traffic first and everything will follow.

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