A Role Of Technology in Pressure Regulator to Control Liquid Flow

The air pressure controller is an electronic device commonly used to control air and liquid pressure. The controller has the ability to reduce the pressure of air if the pressure is high and increases the pressure when the flow of air is low. In addition to it, you can also set the desired flow pressure according to your requirements with the low flow electronic pressure regulator. The air controlling regulator can also be used to maintain the outgoing pressure of the air when there is fluctuation in the incoming pressure.

Basic Elements of the Air Pressure Control Device:

Below are a few of the elements on which the air pressure regulator consists.

  1.       Sensing elements like the piston & diaphragm.
  2.       Pressure decreasing element.
  3.       Loading element applies the essential force for decreasing the element like piston actuator, diaphragm, or spring.

The above mentioned are the elements that are used in the low flow electronic pressure regulator.

Pressure Reducing Element:

Usually, the spring-loaded poppet electric pressure valve is used as the pressure reducing element, which decreases the air pressure. These poppet valves have elastomeric sealing in ordinary applications, and it also has thermoplastic sealing in the applications of high pressure. It is used for sealing the valve seating for any type of liquid or gas leakage. The spring force manages this valve for opening the valve and provides medium flow by the intel to output pressure.

Loading Element:

The loading element of the flow electronic pressure regulator is used for sensing the element for opening the valve of the control pressure regulator. The force used by the air pressure controller can be different, which finds the amount of obtained output pressure.

The Sensing Element:

The prisons of the low flow electronic pressure regulator are usually used for the high pressures, rugged application, and other applications when the wider tolerance is acceptable in the outlet pressure. The diaphragm type of sensing element is suitable for the higher accuracy of air pressure. They are made of elastomer or thin material that is sensitive to air pressure changes. The diaphragm sensing elements are low fractionated as compared to the piston sort of designs. The given control pressure regulator size provides the higher sensing areas.

Applications For Electronic Pressure Regulators:

There are numerous applications of low flow electronic pressure regulator valves. Its main purpose is its application in different ways, which is to provide closed-loop pressure control. You can find its applications in a different type of industries, and some of the most common applications are given below:

  •         Operation of small-bore cylinders
  •         Test for the air or fluid leakage.
  •         Packaging.
  •         Direct control of the pressurized gasses.

The above mentioned are the most common application of air pressure controllers in the industrial sector. But don’t forget that the device is designed to manage the high pressure of gasses & liquids.


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This guidepost mentioned the applications of the low flow electronic pressure regulator devices. In an industrial area, it’s used to maintain or manage the pressure of gasses according to certain requirements, which can be changed during the time.

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