6 Must-Have Features For Scooters In India

People in their teens and twenties, as well as those in their middle years, are gaining wide acceptance to purchase scooters due to the convenience and coziness of the two-wheeled vehicles. It turns out that scooters are the most convenient mode of transportation for traveling within cities over shorter distances. On the other hand, the most recent models come with a dizzying array of customization choices and technical details, making it difficult to select the best scooter that will serve your needs in the most optimal manner.


  1. Integrated Braking System

To bring a scooter to a stop while you are riding it without causing it to slide, you need to provide an equal amount of braking force to each of the wheels. By utilizing a single lever, a combined braking system, also known as an integrated braking system, may provide optimal braking performance for both the front and the back of the vehicle. The typical configuration of this system includes a lever for the rear brake, and the front brake will automatically function in conjunction with it. Only Honda and Hero MotoCorporation provide this function on the best scooter models currently available for purchase.

  1. External fuel fill

In today’s automated scooters, this is one of the features that are available standard, and it is widely considered to be one of the handiest. The rider is able to make use of the external fuel fill, which lives up to the promise made by its name by not having to dismount his or her scooter to add fuel. Because the external gasoline fill may be found at the front or the back anyplace but not beneath the seat, the user does not need to step down from the scooter as well as unlock the seat to fill the fuel tank on the best scooter.

  1. Mobile Charging

A mobile charging station or USB port is among the most frequent features available in scooters. This function is helpful for individuals who forgot to charge their cell phones and is among the most typical features offered in the best scooters. When you are traveling on lengthy travels, the charging dock for your mobile device is going to come in extremely helpful. In most cases, it is located in the storage space beneath the seats of the car and may be accessed as long as the ignition is turned on. At the moment, the mobile charging capability can be found on the Suzuki Pleasure, Hero Pleasure, Hero Duet, Hero Maestro Edge, and TVS Wego.

  1. Boot Lights

As we have the bad habit of cramming a lot of things into our boots, it is next to impossible for us to locate anything while we are searching for it in the dark. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your scooter came with a built-in tail light or brake light? It will make the process simpler, and it will eliminate the inconvenience of having to hold your phone in one hand while the flashlight is turned on. The Hero Maestro Edge, Hero Duet, as well as Hero Pleasure are the three different models of scooters that include the boot light function.

  1. Front pockets

Within the past year or two, autonomous scooters have started to arrive with this capability. It’s been around for a while, but it’s relatively new. The front pocket provides a convenient place to store items that are often used, such as mobile phones or other personal effects of a similar size. Two examples of this type of scooter are the Yamaha Fascino and the Ray ZR, both of which include front pockets as standard equipment. Because of the heavy volume of traffic, this may prove to be an extremely useful feature in situations in which you are searching for directions using a GPS app while holding a mobile phone in one hand but are forced to store the phone in another location and are unable to keep it in your hand at certain points.

  1. Telescopic Front Suspension

When compared to the traditional bottom-link kind of suspension system, the telescopic suspension found at the front of a scooter contributes to the vehicle’s increased level of stability. In addition to this, it lessens the severity of the road’s shocks and vibrations, resulting in a ride that is smoother and less unsettling overall. The front suspension on all those other models that are sold in India is also of the telescopic type, with the exception of the scooters made by Vespa as well as the 110cc variants of Honda scooters.


Due to their comfort and modern design, scooters have become a necessity for every home in India. However, when you head to the showroom to buy the best scooter for your family, make sure to consider all these features before you make a purchase. 

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