5 Reasons Why Cotton Jhablas Are Best For Your Babies

In olden times, whenever a family member was expecting a child, the grandmothers would keep their softest cotton and mulmul sarees aside to make stuff for babies. They would make langots, jhabla, frocks, swaddles and everything that would touch the baby’s delicate skin during the newborn phase. Buying new clothes for a newborn, at least till 6 – 8 weeks, was traditionally not considered to be the best practice in many families. So, family members would keep aside soft and used clothes of older kids in the family for newborn members. The reason why these practices of making jhabla out of old cotton sarees or keeping aside used jhabla of older kids is because they are best for your baby’s delicate skin.

This article will discuss why cotton jhabla is the best choice for your newborn babies and their delicate skin! Read on! 

What Is A Jhabla?

Jhabla is a one-piece newborn garment. It can be paired up with a cloth diaper, padded underwear, pyjamas or leggings or can even be used as an inner layer in colder seasons. Traditionally jhabla are made of mulmul – the purest and softest form of cotton. They do not have buttons, Velcro or snaps to keep them safe and comfortable for babies. Instead, they are made with drawstrings, making it easy to produce kinds of wear and change out of the jhabla. 

Till What Age Can Babies Wear Jhabla

Jhabla is the best choice for apparel for newborn kids. Up to around three months, babies are still trying to acclimate to the world outside the womb. Thus, they need the best fabrics and the most comfortable style of apparel that is easy to wear and remove. Therefore, parents prefer buying jhabla made of organic cotton or mulmul for the first three months for their little ones. 

Why Cotton Jhabla?

If you are still wondering what to make your kids wear for the initial few weeks and keep them comfortable and cosy, cotton jhablas are one of the best choices you can make right now. Here are 5 reasons why cotton jhabla are best for your baby: 

  1. Breathable & Lightweight – Cotton is the most breathable fabric a baby can wear. In addition, Jhabla, made of cotton, is lightweight and lets your baby’s skin get some air & keeps it rash free. Cotton is also easy to wash; thus, new jhabla can be prewashed, and you can ensure that no manufacturing or storage time chemicals or build-up are left in it before it touches your baby’s skin. This is the number one reason parents prefer cotton and mulmul jhabla for their newborn babies. 
  2. Great For All Seasons – For the reason mentioned above, we all know that jhabla is the best choice for summers. Apart from being breathable and lightweight, they also are a great absorbent of swear in case of humidity and hot season. Moreover, cotton keeps the skin protected from extreme weather. This is also true for winters. Although winters call for layering to protect your baby from extreme cold or even moderate cold, as their body, till a certain age, can not regulate the body temperature; thus, extra layers are required. But heavy layers can be harsh on your baby’s skin. Thus, making them wear a jhabla as a vest is excellent for their delicate skin. 
  3. Soft On Babies’ Skin – All the natural fibres and fabrics are soft for a baby’s delicate skin. But cotton, especially mulmul, is the softest and purest fabric that becomes even softer with every wash. Polyester and other man-made materials can cause rashes and allergies to your baby’s skin. Thus, cotton jhabla are always gentle on your baby’s skin and are a preferred apparel choice for parents. 
  4. Jhabla Are Easy To Wear – The no-nonsense design of cotton jhabla makes it easy to wear and take them off. One can easily make a child wear a jhabla while sleeping. The jhabla is comfortably snug and wraps around your baby’s body, and because at this age they do not move around at this age, some parents prefer to keep the drawstrings loose or open to let them be at maximum comfort. 
  5. The Print Variety – How can we forget how cute and adorable cotton prints are! From traditional prints and weaves to cute animal and teddy prints, many pretty prints are available in cotton jhabla for your little ones. In addition, brands such as SuperBottoms offer mulmul jhabla, made from the softest & purest cotton and best for your baby’s skin! 

What is the reason for you to choose cotton jhabla for your babies totally depends upon you. But, no matter what’s your reason, they are an excellent choice for your baby’s skin! Happy skin, happy baby, happy you! What else do you need as a parent? Happy parenting! 

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