5 Simple Email Design Tips That Lead To More Clicks And Conversions

Learn how to maximize the benefits of email marketing by implementing five easy and actionable design tips. Keep reading to find out what they are!

On average, a person receives at least 121 commercial intent emails on a daily basis. With such an overwhelming number of input, no doubt that customers tend to leave most of them unopened. Thus, it is no wonder why some inexperienced businesses opt out of email marketing and decide to run ads on other platforms.

However, email marketing has proven to be a cheap and practical approach to boost your clickthrough and conversion rate as long as you do it right. If you have yet to master the art of turning your emails into a riveting message for consumers, then this article is for you!

1. Create Consistency Between The Email And Your Landing Page


Email And Your Landing Page

The most important goal of sending emails is to persuade potential shoppers to visit your landing page, regardless of whether it is a website, a Youtube channel, or an app. Thus, it is essential that you keep a mutual theme for these two different elements. Not only does it reinforce your brand image and awareness, but it also saves you time and effort brainstorming for brand-new design ideas.

When matching the email with the corresponding webpage, remember to follow the steps below.

  • Insert the logo and tagline of your business at the beginning of the mail.
  • Apply the key visual from the website/app to the email, especially in coloring.
  • Use the same font for the main content. 

2. Grab The Attention By The Subject Line

When first confronted with a newly received email, users would immediately dart their eyes at the subject line. What is written in this field is a vital factor in determining whether your email gets opened or not. Therefore, it makes sense for a commercial email to have concise, thought-provoking phrases in the title to lure customers in. You can try a few tips when it comes to title writing here.

  • Use a top-list: Humans are drawn to neatly numbered and categorized things, which explains why top-list content is more likely to go viral. Apply the exact mechanism to email titles, and you have “5 most romantic destinations for a honeymoon” or “10 things digital artists never tell you.”
  • Trigger FOMO: Short for fear of missing out, FOMO-related titles inspire a sense of urgency that pushes people to take action. For example, a college student will be interested if, one day, an email entitled “Read the latest breakthrough in the labor market or risk being left behind” appears in their inbox.

Attention By The Subject Line

  • Ask a rhetorical question: Tapping into the curiosity of customers usually brings positive outcomes. Writing an email title that raises a problem and requires the receiver’s answer is a smart way to capture their attention.
  • Put the most significant bits at the beginning: If your email talks about the exclusive deals for the shopping season, put the sale percentage right at the front of the title. If the email is to remind customers of a pending item in the cart, tell them instantly. Customers need to know what awaits when they open an email.
  • Shorten the message: Lengthy titles will not do you any favor, as users prefer something highly readable. Furthermore, since most emails are displayed on a mobile device, too long a title means people may miss out on parts of the sentence.
  • Take advantage of emojis: This tip is not applicable for all businesses, but it is helpful for brands whose target audience is under a certain age. Emojis usually associate with anything fun and casual, making it a perfect addition for your otherwise boring title.

3. Minimize The Distractions

As far as email marketing design is concerned, less is more. Putting many elements into an email will dilute the core message and confuse customers. You would have to stick to the basics and make your email as presentable as possible.

  • Use only two to three main fonts: An email should have at least two fonts, one for the title and subtitle, then one for the main text blocks. But anything more than that, and you end up with a disastrous reading experience. Strive for a consistent structure, not buzzing the eyes of receivers with your fonts, 
  • More links do not mean a higher clickthrough rate: It might be tempting to include as many hyperlinks in an email as possible. When confronted with too many places to click, customers are puzzled at where to take action. Subsequently, they decide not to do anything at all. So limit the number of links down to two: one at the top/in the middle and one at the end of your email. 

4. Optimize Call-To-Action Buttons

Optimize Call-To-Action Buttons

on is where your email planner should focus the most. After all, having commercial emails opened and read would boil down to nothing if shoppers refuse to tap the link. So how can you convince them to pay attention to your CTA?

  • Use a bold color (bright red, yellow, orange to influence emotions and make the buttons stand out from the white background.
  • Add a flickering or flashing filter on the button so it appears titillating.
  • Make the button touchable using one finger.

5. Rely On Appealing Photos

An email with walls of texts is arguably the worst thing for receivers. While you have to prioritize content by making it highly informative and relatable, imagery helps deliver the message smoothly. Anything from animated gifs to your product’s lookbook will suffice.


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