5 Morning Skin Care Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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By Kaleem Ullah

Did you know the sun causes about 90 percent of skin aging?

Taking care of your skin is one of the best things you can do to maintain your youthful appearance. As you age, your skin becomes thinner and less elastic.

This makes it more prone to damage from the sun. However, there are some mistakes that you may make with your morning skin care routine that could cause more damage than you realize.

If you are wondering what morning skin care mistakes you are making and how to avoid them, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Not Cleansing Properly

Routinely washing your face with a gentle cleanser is one of the most important things you can do. But if you don’t cleanse properly, it won’t be effective.

When cleansing, massage your face in circular motions with warm water for at least two minutes. Then rinse off with cool water.

2. Skipping Sunscreen in the Morning

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. You should apply an SPF 30 or higher every morning, no matter what season it is!

The sun can damage your skin even when it’s cloudy outside or when you’re not going outdoors for long periods. Plus, our bodies need a bit of sunlight every day so we can produce vitamin D.

3. Applying Products Too Heavy-Handedly

When applying products skin care products, it’s easy to be too aggressive with the application.

You want your skin to absorb the product so it gets the full benefits of what it’s supposed to do. But too much rubbing or massaging can cause irritation!

Lightly patting on your moisturizer instead of rubbing it in will be enough to get it into the pores where it needs to go. This is without irritating your skin further.

4. Not Moisturizing Enough

This one may seem obvious, but many people don’t moisturize enough or at all in the morning.

This could cause your skin to get dry and flaky, making it prone to breakouts. It can also make you appear to age faster.

Using a moisturizer with SPF will help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays while keeping it hydrated and healthy looking. For more on anti-aging, you can read here.

5. Over-Exfoliating and Drying Out Your Skin

Exfoliating is a great way to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.

But overdoing it can cause redness, dryness, inflammation, and irritation. Instead of using harsh scrubs with microbeads or pumice stones, try a gentle exfoliating cleanser that contains glycolic acid or lactic acid.

Morning Skin Care Mistakes: This Is What You Need to Know

Skincare is a personal endeavor, so there is no exact formula that will work universally for everyone.

However, as long as you develop a daily routine that works for you and avoid these morning skin care mistakes, you can help to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. Remember, consistency is always key!

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