3 Reasons Why Every Wardrobe Should Have a Cardigan

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By Kaleem Ullah

Fashion trends keep changing, but certain clothing items can be good year-round. You can always have clothing items like sweaters, boots, caps, etc., which can be paired with other clothes in many ways. A cardigan to date has been the most sought-after fit when it’s a little chilly out there.

 It is one outfit that comes in a lot of variety and adds elegance to your outlook. You would find it part of some major fashion shows and celebrity styles. 2022 has shown us a lot of styling ideas and trends where cardigan has been a part of it. So, at this point, you might ask, whats a cardigan?

Types of Cardigans You Should Know About

Whether chic, oversized, simple or statement, cardigans are stapled knitwear and an essential element of trans-seasonal clothing. You can find a wide collection of cardigans at Vibe Clothing Company. It’s easy to pair, and its layering doesn’t make you look overdressed. Below is a list of cardigans that you should give a try to:

  • Long cardigans
  • Tunic cardigans
  • Cropped or Bolero cardigans
  • Cardigan vests
  • Jacket or hoodie type cardigans
  • Open cardigans

You can try a variation of these and experiment with different looks and styles. Each of them comes with a pleasing look and can be worn the way you like. Before cardigans started trending so much, it was thought to be a grandma’s attire, but now it’s one of the stylish fit.

Reasons Why Cardigans Make a Year-Round Clothing Staple

When it is about wardrobe staples, you can always rely on having a cardigan as an absolute must. They are elegant, pretty and perfect pieces throughout the year. You can incorporate it into your capsule wardrobe easily. Here are some reasons that make cardigans so reliable piece of clothing:

  • They are simple yet a powerful layering option
  • You can easily dress them up or down
  • They are lightweight so can be put together with any cloth
  • They are suitable for any weather
  • You can wear them almost every season, making them your favourite item in the wardrobe
  • Looks good on anyone of different age group

Things to look out for before you buy cardigans

Buying any clothing item needs some checklist. You can ensure your clothes last longer by caring for them, but good quality material is a must. List of a few things you should look for:

  • Material Used: The type of wool used or the stitching done can determine how long can the cloth last, so you need to pay importance to the material
  • Comfort: If you are wearing something frequently, it needs to be comfortable so that you can carry it along for a longer time
  • Size: The right size can make your outfit look great, so buy a cloth that is of your size
  • Versatile: It should be versatile enough to go with most of your outfits 

Final Word

Light woollen clothes are an excellent addition to your wardrobe as they don’t take too much space and can be worn in different weather. Cardigans suit the best when it comes to it as they fit you in a comfortable yet chic way. 

It goes with a dress, co-ords, jeans and tee, and even with a skirt, making it a versatile cloth. These days knitted or crochet cardigans have seen extreme love in both men and women’s outfit addition. It’s becoming more unisex clothing due to its wide variety and styling ideas.