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The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Leather Furniture

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By Kaleem Ullah

Investing in furniture is something that people indulge in occasionally. The secret to maintaining the look and feel of the furnishing lies in how well one takes care of it. There are many varieties of materials that are available in the market. 

Each of these requires a specific set of care instructions to maintain them. A leather sofa is preferred for the rich look and comfort they provide. There is a particular set of steps to be followed to keep it looking at its best. 

Benefits of furniture made of leather

Leather as a material boasts multiple benefits that make it best suited for furniture. The material oozes a luxurious feel that ages well with time. There are specific characteristics that make leather the apt choice for your home.  


Leather is a naturally occurring substance. Due to this attribute, ageing brings out its natural character and personality. It grows to become increasingly attractive with age. This means that you can enjoy leather furniture for an extended period.

It is a one-time investment that allows you to comfortably reap the benefits for a long time. Leather, in general, lasts much longer than most other fabrics and hence has a better value. 

Easy care

The material requires very minimal and accessible care to be maintained. There are leather conditioners used on a half-yearly or annual basis to help keep the shine. Any occasional spills can be wiped away using a clean cloth. 

It is vital to avoid using regular cleaning agents like soaps, detergents, etc., to damage the material. 


Leather is deemed one of the most durable materials to consider for home furnishings. For added protection, go for protected leather when it comes to your leather sofa. This usually has an extra finish which provides an added layer of protection.

You do not have to worry about any damage, especially if you have pets and kids at home.

Steady temperature

Leather seats in cars parked outdoors tend to get highly heated in summers and cool in winters. 

However, this is not a concern for leather furniture used indoors. You will notice that the leather tends to warm up to match your body heat in the winter. 

In contrast, the material is natural during summers, making it breathable. This keeps the furniture pleasantly cool. It is advisable to maintain leather furniture indoors as it also helps preserve the colour. 

Tips for Cleaning Leather in General

Most leather furniture available today is protected. This makes them relatively easy to clean and maintain. However, if your leather is not covered, hiring professional experts to help with the job is advisable. 

  • Always do a patch test before employing any cleaning method to the entire product.
  • For minor spills, clean up the excess liquid with an absorbent cloth. You can use a little lukewarm water to moisten the cloth to clean any spots if needed. Let it dry naturally.
  • Please refrain from using any cleaning solvents, polishes, or varnishes as they are harsh on the material. 
  • With a dry towel, you can wipe away the butter, oil, and other greasy stains. Leave it be after this as it usually tends to disappear into the leather. 
  • You can try using baking soda or cornstarch to it. Let it rest overnight, and then wipe away with a clean cloth or vacuum it. As a last spot, you can remove the stains using rubbing alcohol. 


Discussed above are some of the standard methods that you can easily use to maintain the quality of your leather furniture. However, please note that it is best to call in the professionals to work their magic if everything fails.

Leather is one of the enduring and easily maintainable materials, making it most suited for your interior furnishings and upholstery.