11 Tips to Care and Maintain Workout Clothes

Want your workout clothes to always look bright and new? Looking for ways to prevent smelly workout clothes? Whether you purchase bulk workout clothes to save money or buy them one piece a time, you must learn to care for them.

Proper care and maintenance will keep your clothes looking just like new. Also, proper care saves you money in the long run. We will see some of the general care and maintenance tips for workout apparel, recommended by workout clothes manufacturers and experts.

Top Workout Clothes Care and Maintenance Tips

Workout clothes and activewear are different from regular clothes. Here are the top care tips to live by:

Be Gentle – Wash Your Workout Apparel Delicately

It’s best to hand wash your workout apparel instead of washing it with your regular clothes. But if you prefer to use the washing machine, turn it to a delicate setting, according to The Spruce. It would be best if you soaked your clothes before you washed them. This way, dirt, sweat, and dust become loose and easier to remove later.

Don’t Use the Dryer

Not all workout apparel fabrics are the same. Some may be washed and dried like regular clothing, but some require gentler handling. Thus, it’s best to hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Also, some clothing is made from a combination of fabrics. Each fabric may have specific care instructions so go for air-drying instead.

Hard to Remove Smells? Use White Distilled Vinegar

Some workout apparel tends to develop bad smells that are very hard to remove. This happens when you don’t wash your clothes as soon as your workout ends. You may have the habit of changing into clean clothes after a workout and keeping soiled ones in your bag.

Forgetting to wash the sweat-soaked fabric, especially cotton fabric, can result in nasty odors that you can’t remove using soap. The trick is to soak your clothes in water and a few teaspoons of white distilled vinegar before washing. Vinegar can cut through odor, stains, and dirt. A big plus is that it’s inexpensive.

Aside from vinegar, add about ½ cup of baking soda to your wash. This can remove even the most stubborn smells.

How to Remove Stains?

You use deodorant to smell fresh and clean even after you work out. But, the problem is deodorant causes a yellow to brown wax-like build-up on clothes. To remove this, use a small amount of laundry detergent and water. Use a small toothbrush to scrub the wax away before washing your clothes.

For food stains, wipe the stain away as soon as it happens with paper towels. You may also use a damp cloth. As soon as you get home, soak the fabric in water and soap. Brush the area gently with a soft toothbrush.

Never Iron

Stay on the safe side; never iron your workout clothes. Direct heat can destroy some fabrics causing the material to lose shape. Fabrics that don’t require ironing include TENCEL, wool, spandex, polyester, rayon, and denim. And to play safe, check the label or refer to the clothing manufacturer for specific care and ironing instructions.

Say No to Fabric Softeners & Bleach

Some laundry products like bleach and fabric softeners can destroy fabric fibers. These will lead to severe damage and make even new clothes look old and worn out. Bleach is often used to remove stains and smells, but you can use a more natural solution such as vinegar or lemon juice.

Also, some workout clothes are made from fabrics each with a different way to care for and maintain. Use a gentle, natural bleaching product to be on the safe side. Fabric conditioner makes clothes feel smooth and silky by coating the fabric fibers. This layer further traps any remaining bacteria and odor, and destroys stretchy materials.

Store Your Activewear and Sports Apparel Correctly

Washing and drying are just the first few steps of caring for and maintaining your sports apparel. Storing your clothes also plays a huge part in preserving their conditions. To keep sporting clothing, fold these neatly and keep these separately from your regular clothes.

For sporting and activewear sets, fold the two together so you won’t lose them. You may place them in separate clothes bags, so that they are easy to find. You may hang your activewear to sort them in your closet. Do this for all workout clothes.

Sweaty Workouts? Wash Your Clothes ASAP!

Probably the most important way to maintain your clothes is to wash them as soon as possible. Never let sweat and moisture remain in your clothes which often happens if you leave them inside your gym bag.

Suppose you don’t have the time to wash your sweaty clothes, soak them in detergent soap and water. You can rinse this later and hang them to dry.

Turn Your Clothes Inside Out

The inside part of your clothes is the dirtiest. This part is in contact with sweat, dead skin, and all the products you use on your skin. So before you load your workout clothes into the wash, turn this inside out and close up all the zippers and buttons.

This practice also helps preserve your clothes’ colors. Also, putting your clothes inside out prevents them from snagging with other garments.

Use The Right Amount of Detergent

Read the care instructions and wash instructions of clothes before washing them. Make sure you’re using the right amount of soap. Placing too little won’t be enough to clean your clothes, while too much can damage the fibers of your clothes.

Separate Whites and Colored Clothes

Just like washing regular clothes, separate colored clothes and white ones when you wash athletic wear. This practice prevents color bleeding. Also, you can use the proper detergent for each type of clothing and help colors last longer.

Final Words

Keeping your workout clothes clean and in tip-top shape is the key to making fabrics last longer. Treat every single piece of workout apparel as your most treasured one. Read care labels before washing and follow instructions to get the best results.

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