Top reasons smart water is good for you

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By John Wick

What is smart water? This is the question that rings in the minds of most people when they hear this term. You may have heard about mineral water that has added electrolytes and vitamins. So, the question is, is this water good for you or not?

This water is marked as high-quality water that offers superior hydration and can help your bodily processes through the benefits of the vitamins added to the water. There are different types of water enhanced with vitamins. It is therefore important to figure out which ones are the best for consumption.

Does vitamin or mineral enhanced water improve performance and hydration

According to scientists, regular water works fine for normal hydration. Only during extreme dehydration or moments of high activity, you may need added minerals and vitamins.

Why do water companies manufacture water with added minerals and vitamins?

It is important to read the ingredients present in bottled water. If you find that there are added calories or sugars in water, then they are not going to help you hydrate your body. Electrolytes and vitamins don’t add any sugars, calories or carbohydrates to the water so if your water has these elements added to it then it is for other benefits like a sweet taste and will not serve the purpose of hydration.

It has also been found that vitamins added to water are not absorbed through the body as when they are eaten with food. This is because the soluble vitamins in smart water are passed too quickly through our digestion system and can’t be absorbed in time. Some bottled enhanced water does not have enough vitamins and electrolytes to make a significant difference.

The human body is very efficient when it comes to getting vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat. Enhanced water is not effectively working with the processes of the body as the absorption rate through food.

While it has been discovered that moderate amounts of minerals and vitamins are found in the regular drinking water we eat and are good for your body, these are already added to the normal tap water. Purchasing bottled water with added vitamins and minerals can be expensive to purchase but good for manufacturers.

So why drink water that has been enhanced with minerals and vitamins?

Water enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins is still better than water that has not been enhanced with minerals and electrolytes. Water enhanced with minerals and vitamins has a superior taste and provides better performance. The water has been filtered, purified and enhanced to ensure the user is safe when drinking such water.

So now that you know what is smart water, we will explain why you need this water. This water has been filtered to remove contaminants and metals that may be present in regular tap water. The water is also enhanced with magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. While these nutrients may not be absorbed by our bodies as they would when they were in the food, they are still absorbed in small quantities and provide more benefits than tap water.