10 Best Link Building Techniques of 2022

Link Building Techniques: To use backlinks effectively is one of the oldest and most effective SEO tactics ever. This is one of the most essential ways to grow organic traffic to your website. Links have always played a major role in how search engines like google rank the websites in the search results. So the more links you have pointing at your site, the more credible your website will be. So what are these backlinks?


Backlinks are the links created and published on a popular website that creates a path to your web pages. These are also called inbound links or incoming links. Backlinks represent the vote of confidence of one site to another. These lists published anywhere on the web prove that those sites vouch for you. You need to get backlinks from a popular or authentic website to boost your ranking. In this article we will be discussing Link Building Techniques or 10 ways to get more backlinks for free and boost your search engine ranking:

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1: Fix all Technical/UX issues:

Technical issues can hurt User experience (UX) which in turn affects the SEO of that particular site. Here are few glitches to be taken care of:

Site Loading Speed: It is important to check the site loading speed to welcome the users warmly. You can check this with Google’s ‘PageSpeed Insights‘ tool.

Mobile-Friendly interface: Mobile user-friendliness can be checked with Google’s ‘mobile-friendly check’ tool

Duplicate content: Duplicate content is a setback for the site. It can be analyzed with the help of ‘Siteliner’ tool

Redirect Chains: You must have seen so many websites when opened are redirected to other websites. Redirecting usually takes a lot of time to reach the destination page( Which is also called buffering). To avoid this, you can use ‘301 Redirect’ to link it directly to the destination page, thus avoiding all the chains.

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Lost Link/404 error: 404 error or ‘page not found’ error is the most widely known glitch which highly affects the search engine ranking of a website. To reclaim the lost link, You can use ‘Google search console’ – (Crawl > Crawl Errors > Not Found) or ‘Ahrefs’ for reference.

Fix Broken external links: A broken link is a hyperlink linking to the website which is non-existent or empty. You can easily find the broken links by installing a chrome plugin ‘Check my links’. You can also use ‘Ahrefs’ to find them-(Outgoing Links > Broken Links).

2: Strong Site Architecture:

Website Architecture is the structure and linking of web pages in an organized and structured way together. This architecture helps search engine spiders to find and index all the pages of your website. You can grow your site architecture by a content-centric approach. Also, if your web pages are interlinked, search engine spiders can follow your pages effectively.

3: Infographics

Infographics, as the name suggests, is the graphical representation of the information or data. This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website and get relevant backlinks. It is easy to share and understand the infographics as it is a visual treat to the readers. You can make the basic infographics by yourself without any professional help.

4: Content Promotion

Content plays an important role in bringing you the backlinks to promote your website. Keyword building is an important aspect of promoting your content. Also, you can email different websites to promote your content on their websites linking the article back to your website. You can also come up with a blogger contract with those bloggers and develop your work time durability with them.

5: Competitor Analysis

It is always important for you to keep a check on your competitors in any line of business. Similarly, staying up to date with your competitors in their marketing and social media strategies and content would help you replicate their backlinks for your benefit. You can use ‘Monitor Backlinks’ to spy on competitors’ backlinks. You can also subscribe to their email newsletter to get updates on their activities.

6: Guest articles

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on an external website. Websites need good content. So they welcome writers who add value to their website, which in turn, helps you with your website. Guest blogging also helps you to build relationships and increase your audience. While you go about guest blogging, it is suggested to have a blogger contract stating terms and conditions with the websites you are blogging. It is one of the best Link Building Techniques.

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7: Testimonials

You can give your testimonial in exchange for a backlink to your website. You can only do that if you are a customer of a product on that website or you can be spammed. This is a very easy way to get backlinks to your website. Choose websites with high domain authority to make sure you get the maximum audience. To avoid them reneging on their promises, it is advisable to tie yourself with these bloggers with a blogger contract.

8: Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

This is an online service for journalists or bloggers to obtain feedback from the public. It enables you to connect with experts and get their advice on your particular website. It could also help you to have a lot of connections with different bloggers, and understanding their strategies and market.

9: Donate

You can easily get backlinks by donating to nonprofit organizations. For this, you need to find different websites working in your niche that accept donations and can ask them to link your profile back to your websites. You can simply search for such websites on google. This is known as the best Link Building Techniques.

10: Pages/Forums with multiple links

Many websites publish different articles from different websites and link back to them. If you can find websites posting your competitor content and not yours, you could contact them and introduce yourself to them. This will help your content getting published in different forums with a larger audience and you will get backlinks.

Apart from the above few tricks and steps, there are many approaches for getting backlinks to your website like using Skyscraper contenting (Choosing content that is of high value and is doing well on social media), taking interviews of famous content creators and posting it on your website. This would indulge those content creators to post the interviews on their websites and give you backlinks.

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You can also search for different websites in your niche and get their backlinks or contact all those authentic and high-traffic websites to publish your content as well. Just make sure your content is superior to the others’ content. You can also give interviews by searching for such websites. Your horizontal presence across the web is needed for your website to make progress. Always remember to make a blogger contract in writing with different bloggers to protect your interests.

Author Bio:

Jessica, is a writer by calling and an academic. She has created scintillating and remarkable content for dozens of websites in the Business Sector. She possesses a fair understanding of the inner workings of several business establishments, making her the foremost expert in this field.


Jessica is a writer by calling and an academic. She has created scintillating and remarkable content for dozens of websites in the Business Sector. She possesses a fair understanding of the inner workings of several business establishments, making her the foremost expert in this field.

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