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How to use online word combiner

Word combiner is an SEO tool that helps you to combine different words and to generate a unique one. It can merge two or more words to create new words also knows as “merge word”

The number of words may vary on different sites like you can add 5 to 6 words to merge them into different and unique words.

Smallseotools represent their word combiner tool to help you to generate different words for your sites that will help you in link building, domain registration, and other purposes.

Key features of word combiner

The following feature will let you use the word combiner for domain registration for naming your brands, products, and for best SEO keyword research.

Easy to use tool

The word combiner tool is easy to use as mentioned below and it helps you to select very catchy and very different words for your websites

Free to use

You can use this tool for free just visit the official site of Smallseotools and open the word combiner tool to create words online

 Rank your article

When you used well-search keywords it will help your website to rank in Google. The word combiner will help you to merge the ironic keywords

Why use the word combiner online tool

Selecting the combination of words to use for web pages, domain registration, and other purposes is not an easy task. First of all, you need to merge words to get relevant domain names or different titles for your website. Choosing the right words to rank your articles on the search engine can be possible through this tool.

  • keyword search is also one of the most hype tasks that search engine optimization deals with. If they get the wrong keywords then Seo’s efforts will fail.
  • keyword research takes time and subsequently causes your article to rank on Google also.
  • For example, you can easily understand It. If you will not choose the right keywords that your customer is searching for then how can your website found that will automatically lead to no traffic on your web, no sales, and no income? Now the thing that matters you will not want your website like this.

So, to explore all the possible routes for keyword research you have to use a different SEO tool to find the right combination of keywords to use in your website. Smallseotools presenting their word combiner to help you in this context and gonna show you the right combination of keywords.

How to use word combiner online tool

If you want to merge words to generate many other words then word combiner by Smallseotools could be the best option. If you don’t know how to use it then do follow these methods to use word combiner.

Select the keywords

How to use SmallSeotOOLS WORD Combiner

You have to use random words to merge them and to generate many other words

  • Open the official site and enter the keywords by simply pasting them into the text boxes.
  • In the first section, you have to add the name of the domain to start the process
  • The second one enters the categories of a website or you have one or more websites
  • In the last box, you have to prevent words
  • The third and the last box in which you have to put relevant words.

After following this process just press the merge/combine words button to get the results which will work for you very well.

Worldwide uses of merge words/ word combiner tool

As it is very easy to use and gives very authentic results and helps people to generate different keywords it is used for various purposes that include

Google Adwords

It is one of the tools of google that assists websites in generating traffic to their sites. Create Google and its advertisement account. Google place relevant ads, search on your sites and. The ad rank on the top in Google research.

Link building

Link building by word combiner helps the website in ranking. The more links a website have the higher will be its SEO.

Domain registration

Word combiner can also be used for domain registration purposes.


To make a catchy selection of keywords use word combiner by Smallseotools.