Wondershare Recoverit: The Most Effective Antidote to the Problem of Blurry Videos

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you have tried finding out how to make a blurry video clear and hit stonewall, don’t get morose. Because with the ever-changing tech-scape, the stonewall has become porous now. With Wondershare Recoverit, that is exactly how it feels, believe me. In this article, I will discuss in as much detail as the issue warrants the problem of how to make video clearer. I will chip in Wondershare Recover It as well into that discussion to show how fantastic the software is in solving this problem.

Common Causes of Unexpectedly Blurred Video

A detailed discussion of the problem must begin here, I think. It is only when you have a clear idea of what commonly causes blurry videos can you start thinking systematically about how to make a video less blurry. Third-party video recovery tools are widely available these days. If you are not able to grasp the actual nature of the problem, you may need assistance from them.

Even though these are some of the common reasons that contribute to the problem, not all of them are easily identifiable. On the other hand, you can easily see that loss of stability is what is creating the problem. Due to this unexpected movement during shooting, there is a loss of focus and video blur.

Insufficient lighting is another easily identifiable reason why some videos are less clear. Quite a few laymen would not make the connection right away, but low-resolution cameras also contribute to this problem. The videos they shoot are inevitably low on pixel density. Lastly, again, it might escape a non-expert’s brain, but complexities regarding encoding and decoding are equally vital aspects. Video files are compressed and decompressed using encoding and decoding technologies. Mishaps at these two stages result in a significant loss of quality.

Common Ways to Fix Blurry Videos

You can now leap and realize that there remains a set of simple solutions at our fingertips to counter these usual causes. To begin with, then, ensure absolute stability of the camera each time you are using it to shoot videos. Even when the object of your shot is moving and you need to follow it, ensure controlled movements. Pay for cameras with in-built stabilizing features because they help. Use high-resolution cameras as they make sure videos are densely pixelated.

You can also overcome the issue of improper lighting pretty effectively. For one thing, you must avoid low-light shooting no matter how high-tech your camera is. Know the techniques of diffused lighting alongside other aspects of the art of shooting. The literature here is widely available and accessible as well.

You can avoid issues with codecs if you use devices made by popular brands. As far as video players are concerned, do a bit of research and use the ones which are mainstream and give a robust performance.

The Ultimate Secret to Solving Blurry Videos: Recoverit

It is a bit funny because Recoverit is not a secret to more than 5 million users who are already using it. On the technical level, though, the software appears secretive in its operations. Nobody knows how exactly three small steps are all the software takes to restore quality to video files. The steps are as follows:

The Ultimate Secret to Solving Blurry Videos: Recoverit

  • Launch the software. Select the ‘Corrupted Video Repair’ option from the left dashboard. Select the ‘Add Video’ option to incorporate videos you want to facelift. Click ‘Start’ once you finish.
    Wondershare recoverit
  • Recoverit initiates its automated operations at this stage. The final output is available to view and export after finishing the program. If you need further quality enhancement, you can seek assistance from the ‘Advanced Repair’ tool. You will be asked to add another video as a sample here. Note that this video must share its format with the one you are trying to repair. It also has to be shot by the same camera.
  • Once you ensure these, the same repairing process will start as you press the ‘Repair’ button. After completion, the preview window will appear again for you to review the result and save it.

Closing Words

Since multimedia experience is part and parcel of our PC use, third-party pro tools like Wondershare Recoverit are must-haves these days. One cannot undersell the effectiveness of ready-at-hand solutions to clear blurry videos. But do notice that these solutions do not salvage video qualities that have already deteriorated.

Premium recovery software like Recoverit comes across as the only viable solution in these instances. With it you can recover and repair files of over 1000 formats from various devices and scenarios. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the tool is reliable. Guaranteed virus-free experience, 7-days money back, 24/7 technical support further boost its trust quotient.