Will a Fabric Sectional Be Too Big For My House?

When decorating your living room, it can be hard to decide what you want because there are many options. One of the pieces that you may have been thinking about getting is a fabric sectional sofa. However, many people assume that fabric sectionals are massive and take up tons of floor space, but that’s not always the case. 

This article discusses tips that will help you determine if a fabric sectional will fit in your home before you buy one.

What Is a Fabric Sectional?

Fabric sectionals are couch that has a modular design. This means that you can configure the sections of the couch however you want and change it up as your needs change. Sectional sofas are great for those who don’t have enough space in their home to accommodate an entire sofa or loveseat but still want plenty of seating options.

They’re also perfect for families with kids because they allow you to set them up so that each person gets their own designated space. It’s best to measure how much room you have available before buying one to ensure it will fit.

Living Room Decor Tips for Sectionals

Decorating your home with a fabric-covered sofa can work, but you’ll need to measure your space and consider the design of your home before making this purchase. Here are some living room decor tips for sectionals.

Float Your Sectional 

The focal point in most living rooms is centered around the entertainment center. In addition, most homes have a TV mounted on top of it. Add interest to your room by floating your sofa away from an entertainment console and TV. Creating separation between these two furnishings will help draw attention away from their size difference and give you more visual space, so it doesn’t look like all your furniture is piled into one corner.

Add Area Rugs 

A rug or area rug underneath a couch is not only decorative, but it can also be functional. You’ll want to ensure at least six inches of clearance around the bottom legs for airflow and comfort when sitting down. You could add several rugs throughout the room to break up large expanses of space and add texture or coloration. 

Pillows Work Wonders 

Pillows work wonders to soften hard lines, create intimate seating areas, and tie together contrasting colors. Make sure you use pillows that reflect the theme of your room or complement your other furnishings. 

Don’t Forget Furniture

If your new sofa needs to replace something, think about what was originally in the spot where you’re putting it and buy something that coordinates. If you’re thinking of buying new end tables or coffee tables to go with a new couch, then don’t forget that those pieces should match each other as well.

Include Some Art 

Just because it’s not going to be in front of your sofa doesn’t mean that artwork isn’t an option for decorating a living room with a sectional. You can place artwork on walls behind or in front of your sofa, giving you ample space to create exciting gallery displays or use interesting shadow play when light hits them from above.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of decorating options for living rooms with sectionals. You don’t need to spend thousands on custom furniture or unique pieces to create an attractive space. Instead, be creative and use what you already have around your home. A bit of imagination can go a long way.

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