Why You Need To Switch to Neosupreme Seat Covers for Winter

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For a large part of the country, being comfortable in the summer and being comfortable in the winter are two completely different things. For the cab of your vehicle, this is certainly true, as you deal with an environment that has heat coming on and off, added moisture, and the always exciting presence of snow and ice. To make your interior as comfortable as possible, Coverking Neosupreme seat covers are proven to enhance the riding pleasure of drivers and passengers alike.

These durable covers are close to the quality of more expensive neoprene covers, but you will hardly notice the difference. So long as you don’t plan to drench your interior, they are a solid answer to protect your seat upholstery as they work fine for the moisture of light rains and small spills. They fit the contours of your make and model vehicle and provide the comfort you crave for long rides and commutes. A UV and fade-resistant coating helps with longevity and keeps your interior looking smart for miles and miles.

Importance of Seat Covers

When you get the right seat covers, you gain a long list of benefits. Neosupreme covers are an excellent choice for most drivers due to an abundance of desirable features:

  • Breathable and stain resistant 
  • Easy installation that goes right over the upholstery
  • Customized fitment for front, middle and rear seats
  • Simple cleaning options
  • Unrivaled comfort and long-lasting protection
  • Large selection of solid colors and two-tone options

A cutting-edge 3-D imaging process provides precise measurements and patterns that ensure your covers fit perfectly. This enhances comfort and prevents the development of sagging and bunching. Each design takes into account the presence of seat belts, headrest, armrest, center console, and other unique features of your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about the seats interfering with airbag operation and you can also still utilize any storage elements such as map bags.

The mix of military-grade polyester and cotton blend Cordura delivers a comfortable feel at all times. Quality covers give your vehicle a fresh look while enhancing your comfort level on every ride, even in the dark, cold depths of winter.

Lightweight & Affordable

A Neosupreme seat cover is designed to give your upholstery solid protection at a fraction of the price of neoprene. Since they are a little less bulky, too, they are easier to move around, install and wash. A free installation kit comes with a kevlar glove, installation tool, traction pad and safety glasses. Clear instructions and the right tools mean you will have your covers installed before the first snow of the season.

Another vital area for a well-equipped vehicle concerns headlights and taillights. You always want to make sure you can see the road and that other drivers can see you. With a large selection of lights, accessories and hardware, you can increase the wattage of your next drive. Whether you are looking for OEM halogen headlights or super-sharp LED lights, quality illumination makes sure you are safe and legal on the road. Now is the time to buy the best products and prepare for winter.