Why Use Video To Teach 

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By Kaleem Ullah

Video is the way to absorb each and every point neatly and clearly. So using this technology we can widen our knowledge in the classroom. The best WordPress website for teachers to teach online courses need cheap LMS examples for schools with the lowest cost white label branding services. This method will help to enrich the facts on a live base. Where interaction gets improved through live examples and experience.

Is There a Right Way to Teach?

Just like we have rules of grammar, formulae and theories in maths and science, would not it have been nice if we had a secret formula to “teach the right way”? With a set of rules for traditional teaching and a different set of rules for online teaching, all you had to do was follow them diligently and you could deliver the best learning experience to your students without much effort. There would be the least need for teacher training programs, upskilling, and learning student behaviour. But, sadly, there is no such magic spell that you can try.

Every student has different needs, understanding levels, personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and every teacher is different. Furthermore, with constant changes in the education sector and the need for upskilling and re-skilling for teachers, there is way too much constant effort needed from the end of a teacher. 

Today, technology has revolutionised the education sector. Even though we are in the budding stage, there have been many changes and a shift in the way students are taught. The concepts of the online teaching app, flipped classrooms, blended learning, smartboards, LMS system, etc., have been possible because of the changes technology has brought in. 

Earlier, teachers had limited options to explain a concept. However, today there are vast arrays of opportunities. Gamification, audio and most importantly the use of video to explain concepts have brought in a big change in this field.

Why Video

There are numerous advantages of using video to teach. 

  • Simplify Concepts

Videos break down the concepts to help every student learn at their own pace. Even the toughest concepts can be simplified through educational videos. Students will be able to learn better because they get the freedom to pause, rewind, and watch a video as many times as they want until and unless they are thorough with the concept. 

  • Better Learning Experience 

Videos attract more interest from the students and hence, promote better engagement. Videos combine moving visuals, texts and verbal explanations which explain the concepts better than textbook explanations. Students see the concepts come to life. 

  • Virtual and Impossible Field Trips

Videos help you take students to field trips that are impossible for you to organize. You can take back your students to the dinosaur age, make them experience the world wars, take them into the different parts of the human body, etc. 

  • Teach More in Less Time 

A video conveys the textual concept in much lesser time. This helps you teach more in less time. 

  • Breaking Concepts into Smaller Parts

A video helps you break down the concept into smaller parts. You can explain a part of the concept by segmenting it into different videos of lengths such as ten to twelve minutes. The concept that you taught in an hour of class can be taught by designing it into videos of short length along with other activities. Studies show that students are invested in class when the concepts are taught using short length videos with breaks in between rather than explaining them to them in a long video.

Final Thoughts

Videos help you teach effectively and give the best learning experience to the students.