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Why Roller Blinds are so Popular—7 Benefits You’re Missing Out on

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Do you want to give your home an instant makeover? The easiest and most affordable way to do this is to install a set of roller blinds. These window coverings may make you think back to the rocking 70s, but the modern versions are sleek, stylish, and functional.

They come in a wide range of options, colours, materials, and designs, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Roller Blinds Defined

Roller blinds were created in Holland during the 18th century. Well before the invention of electric lights, individuals utilised these gadgets to control the amount of sunlight in a room during the day. They were likewise valuable in shutting out moonlight while people were resting at night.

The attractiveness of roller blinds is in their simple elegant design. It’s made from a single piece of material. A roller tube is placed at the top of the window frame and the fabric is then attached to the inside of the casing. This allows you to lift and lower them by pulling on a cord. The motorised version works in the same fashion, at the push of a button.

7 Reasons to Love Them

Roller Blinds are Tastefully Alluring

Roller blinds are designed to easily roll up and down. They don’t have much excess material and have clean simple lines. Because they come in so many different materials, the choices are endless. Chose bright colours for a fun accent or go for wood or bamboo for a natural look.

Special features include translucent options, sunscreen protection, and options to blackout the light completely. Blackout blinds are perfect for those that work at night and sleep during the day, or to keep a baby room dark in the afternoon for nap time.

Roller Blinds are Adaptable

Roller blinds can be designed for just about any window. They are adaptable and there is a wide range of customization options available. Blinds that stop the sun glaring in the window are perfect for your entertainment room when you want to watch a movie on a sunny day.

Blinds let you see the outside world without prying eyes looking in on you.

For a modern twist install dual blinds. These are two sets of blinds that are installed on the same rail. One will block out sunlight and UV glare, while the other is a blackout blind to keep the room dark.

Roller Blinds are not Difficult to Work

Anyone can operate roller blinds. Select between a spring-assisted system or one operated by a chain drive or a fully automated system.

If you chose the automated option, multiple blinds can be linked together and opened and closed at the push of a button. This will save a lot of time as you don’t need to open each one individually.

Roller Blinds are Strong and Long-Lasting

Roller blinds were built to last. Constructed from strong, high-quality materials and strong steel tubes that won’t be damaged easily. Treated with special UV protection they won’t fade in the harsh sunlight.

They Make the Room Seem Larger

If you live in a small apartment, the walls may seem like they are closing in on you. A great way to make the space feel bigger is to install roller blinds. When they are open, they make the area seem more spacious.

Bulky curtains will have the opposite effect and make the room seem smaller and more cramped.

Roller Blinds are Easy to Clean

Another reason that roller blinds keep growing in popularity is the fact that they are so easy to clean. They require hardly any maintenance and are durable enough to be kept for years.

Some blinds can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth, while others can be washed. This will depend on the material they are made from. An easy way to keep your blinds looking their best is to vacuum them at least once a week. This will get rid of any dirt or dust that has accumulated and keep them looking as good as new.

There are Outdoor Roller Blind Options

Outdoor roller blinds are installed on the exterior of your windows. They are very strong and weather resistant. Their main function is to protect your home from UV rays and help prevent your furniture from fading.

Other roller blind options include PVC blinds, café blinds, and solar screens. Most versions are automated and can be controlled by remote control.

Final Thoughts

What you wish to accomplish by introducing blinds will help influence your decisions. Decide on the degree of light control that you require. Do you require total darkness or will sheer blinds be adequate? When it comes to roller blinds the possibilities are endless.