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Instagram as a Powerful Tool for Boosting Amazon Sales!

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According to 2021 data, there are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram; it is in the list of top five most-downloaded apps all over the world. Let’s look at some important statistics regarding Instagram and its platform.

  • More than 56% of Americans check their Instagram accounts every 30 minutes
  • Average Instagram users spend nearly 9 hours per week on this platform
  • The average age of Instagram users fluctuates between 18-34
  • You can use the advantages provided by hashtags
  • Nearly 71% of the United States business owners are active users of Instagram

Of course, for most people, Instagram continues to remain a perfect place for posting selfies, photos of their meals, or just sharing photos of their lovely pets.

Unfortunately, most business owners underestimate the advantages provided by Instagram, whereas this platform may have a positive impact on your online business.

By using this platform, you can create an invisible connection between Instagram and your Amazon seller account, thereby drastically boosting your sales.

Let’s be honest, images are the main aspect that customers pay attention to when it comes to buying stuff from online stores. And here comes the real power of Instagram, since it is the only social media platform that is directly associated with photos.  So, it is the perfect chance to attract more sales just by putting photos of your product and linking them with your Amazon store.

How It Works!

It might surprise you, but the process of connecting Instagram to your Amazon account is quite simple: you just create a business account on Instagram and upload photos. Do not forget to put the link to your online store, and simplify the process of buying products from your store. There are lots of famous brands that successfully use this method by using all the benefits provided by Instagram, so it is the perfect chance to join them without any delay. But, as usual, for Amazon sellers, the rules are a little bit complicated.

First of all, you have to post images referring solely to your products and not merge your personal photos with your business ones. You can also create videos of your product along with images that will help present your product from different sides and which is more important, your customer can see it in use and has an overall understanding of it.

To find more information about the importance of branding, you should try ZonTracker for Amazon sales.


#girl#fafshion#styli#sun#nature, we are totally sure that you meet similar combinations of hashtags on Instagram every day. That’s because a hashtag is a powerful tool for attracting more customers to your products. There are different useful apps that will help you choose those hashtags that are more demanded among customers and can provide your product images with the right hashtags. In this case, your customers can find you easier, since your product’s photos are provided with proper hashtags.

Of course, Instagram is a perfect tool for boosting your sales on Amazon, but in the pursuit of fortune, you can face several issues. For example, if Amazon notices unusual activity in your sales, it may seem very suspicious, and you can find your Amazon account suspended for sales velocity limits violation. Amazon suspension is not the best scenario that could happen to Amazon sellers and sometimes, it is too hard to reinstate your suspended Amazon account without professional help. In this case,  you can be 100% sure that a successful reinstatement of your account will not belong in the coming.

The advantages provided by Instagram are really tremendous since it can dramatically boost your sales by bringing fresh air into your Amazon business. All you need to do is make sure you are doing everything by the book. Go ahead! Create your platform today!