Why Leveraging Software Like Lodgable Is Crucial For Vacation Rental Managers

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By John Wick


Vacation rental managers are in charge of keeping their properties occupied and profitable. It is the job of a manager to balance the rates, make maintenance requests, take care of any issues that arise during an occupancy cycle (like security), and keep track of all transactions for reporting purposes. If you’re not careful about these tasks, it can be easy to get behind on them or forget about them entirely.

That’s where Lodgable comes in! This is a free software program designed specifically with vacation rental managers in mind. The system allows for property owners to easily manage bookings while also providing other customer service features as well as solving other issues of property management.

Here are a few ways a property management software like lodgable can help with managing vacation rentals:

  1. It connects you with booking sites

Online booking sites are a popular way for customers to find vacation rental properties. Imagine the potential revenue that can be generated when you have access to all major online booking sites.

Even though many vacation rental managers use their own websites to manage bookings, you don’t have to stop there. Lodgable also lets property owners connect directly with major booking sites like Airbnb & more! This gives them the ability to quickly find new customers and maximize profit potential without much effort.

With Lodgable, you can find new bookings by uploading your inventory to leading platforms.

  1. It streamlines key business tasks

Property management can be a difficult task at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Lodgable is a full-featured property management software that gives vacation rental managers everything they need in one place. The program reduces the time spent on laborious business tasks so you can focus on more important work like marketing or managing bookings, which provides better overall results for your business.

  1. It reduces transaction errors

Property managers have to deal with a variety of transactions, which can lead to common mistakes. For example, they may accidentally book the same customer for multiple reservations or not process a payment in time and lose out on revenue as a result. Lodgable is an all-in-one solution that streamlines the booking process and eliminates these types of potential errors before they happen. With Lodgable software, property managers can easily view past reservations and payments. This lets them find room for new customers without disrupting existing bookings and keep track of their financial records at all times.

  1. It provides reporting capabilities

Reporting is key for vacation rental managers because it allows them to show results from their efforts over time. The data can be used to improve marketing efforts, better target potential clients, place higher bids on advertising, and much more. Using software like lodgable for property management ensures that data is collected quickly and thoroughly for reporting purposes.


Lodgable is a free property management software to help vacation rental managers manage their properties on a global scale. It helps vacation rental managers to simplify their lives by simplifying the management of your property on Airbnb. If you’re looking for a more streamlined way to manage your listings, incorporate Lodgable into your management today and get to see the difference!