Why It’s Important To Remove a Stump

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When you need a tree removed, often the stump gets left behind for another day. Even those with intentions of removing it, tend to let it go for what might be years. If you’ve got a stump that’s on its way to becoming a permanent fixture in the yard, here’s why it’s important to remove it now.

Stumps Are Unsightly

Stumps are an eyesore in any yard and no amount of decorating them with flowers helps. A stump looks like an unfinished job, so call stump removal Birmingham AL today and start improving the look of your yard. Once the stump is removed, you’ll have a beautiful, level yard again. You can also try Franklin stump removal professionals to remove a tree from your yard.

Stumps Pose Danger

Not only are tree stumps unsightly, but they also pose danger especially to children. If you have kids or grandkids that like to play in the yard, they can suffer a severe injury by tripping over a stump. You could also be looking at liability if a neighbor is hurt.

Insects Like Stumps

Though people aren’t fond of stumps, certain insects love them. For example, wasps and yellow jackets would love to make a home out of an old stump, putting you at risk every time you’re in the yard. Termites are also attracted to stumps and it’s only a matter of time before they find their way into your home.

Stumps Make Mowing Difficult

Trying to mow around a stump is precarious especially if there’s a root structure. If you avoid the area, it’ll end up becoming a grassy hill and possibly sprout new tree growth. Having the stump removed will give you your gorgeous lawn back.

If you have one or more stumps in your yard, removing them will make your yard more attractive, safer, and less prone to insects. You’ll have your yard back and all the family fun that goes with it.