Which are the best bullet proof plate products in the market?

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By John Wick

The quality of equipment and tools that the police department is equipped with defines. The efficiency with which they can operate in their field. You obviously want the best quality equipment for the police to be highly productive and be efficient in their operations. There is a wide range of police equipment as well as tools that are manufactured and sold in the market.

Some of the common types of equipment utilized in the functioning of police department include stun gun, logger, traffic baton, gun holster, handcuff, baton, anti-riot shield, anti-riot suit, anti-riot helmet, bulletproof shield/plate, bulletproof vest, stab proof vest and police belt amongst others.

The characteristics of bulletproof plate

The Lang Dun police equipment Co. Ltd. is one of the best manufacturers of police types of equipment in the market. The company has a host of patented products that provides ODM series of types of equipment. And a highly efficient range of products with high utility. The is known for its excellent products, quality certifications, highly professional customer support service, and overall efficiency. If you are looking for top-quality police equipment products then the Lang Dun police equipment Co. Ltd is an ideal choice of destination for you.

The characteristics of bulletproof plate

The body armor plate, also known as bullet proof plate, is used for protecting the wearer from serious injuries that result from high impact abrasions and direct hits caused by small arms fire, knife threats, and incoming shrapnel. The AR500 is the steel alloy that is used in the body armor plates and that is used by law enforcement and SWAT teams. This material is also used in the construction of armored vehicles.

The AR500 bulletproof plates have a hardness rating of 500 Brinell. And this scale is essentially used for rating the hardness of steel and other materials. The higher the Brinell rating of the ballistic plate is, the harder the steel is in body armor. The higher rating of Brinell also means that the plate is able to withstand the impact of heavier caliber rounds and faster velocity without the penetration of the plate. The bulletproof plate is designed using tempered steel of high carbon, which has enough abrasion resistance plus it is strong enough for the prevention of serious injuries to the wearer.

Highly efficient range of bulletproof plate products from Langdun

The Langdun is home to some of the most efficient and reliable bulletproof plate products in the market. Some of the featured bulletproof plate products listed on the website include SIC+PE bulletproof plate military ballistic board NIJ III l, Alumina + PE bulletproof vest for board NIJ IV level ballast, bulletproof steel plate military ballistic plate NIJ IV level, steel plate bulletproof vest military ballistic plate NIJ I, Alumina + PE ballistic plate military Bulletproof board and PE NIJ III level bulletproof plate amongst others.