What to think about if you move from gas in terms of energy efficiency?

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By Eva Adm

Rising energy costs have become a serious concern in the UK and many homeowners are thinking of switching to energy-efficient options that use renewable energy sources instead of gas. But what are the alternative options available for you? You have to know and clearly understand these options before investing in energy-efficient plans for your home. Also considering the factors like the cost of buying and installing these options and their long-term benefits is important before you choose one for your home. 

If you are looking for homes with energy-efficient options and guidance to know what is best, you can get in touch with the estate agents in Brighton as they will help you to figure out an amazing energy-efficient home. Have a look at the different energy-efficient options. 


What is the importance of energy-efficient homes? 

  • Reduced fuel bills

The direct good effect of having an energy-efficient home is the reduced fuel bill you will get. When going energy efficient you will use less energy for your home so the utility bills will lower because you are not paying for using gas or electricity anymore. Therefore decide and switch to using renewable energy sources for energy consumption as there are many sustainable energy packages offered. To explore electricity rates that can complement your solar panel installation and further maximize your cost savings, visit 4change energy plans.


  • Increase in comfort 

It is only natural that you will want to feel a great sense of ease and comfort in your home. Now you can enjoy it to the fullest by transitioning to sustainable living by making your home energy-efficient. 

For instance, increase the comfort of your home by insulating all the rooms by eradicating drought areas around the house and air leakage. It will allow the heat to stay inside during the winter and will keep the homes cooler in the summer months.


What are the energy-efficient options? 

  1. Biomass boilers 

Biomass boilers are a great solution if you are thinking of ditching gas for other energy-efficient options. It is also a carbon-free heating solution which is great for the planet and the Government is offering many grants to encourage its use. 

You have to use wood pellets or logs in the biomass boilers to create heat so if you can source these materials it will be easy for you to use them in your home. Therefore installing a biomass boiler will serve as a long-term option for you to save energy bills. It is very suitable for those who have a good space to accommodate it because a biomass boiler is large.


  1.    Infrared heaters 

If your home does not have great insulation then the best energy-efficient option for you is the infrared heater. They do not warm your home like the convection heaters but instead, they create 100 per cent radiant heat that spreads like waves. So the created warmth is not lost in droughts but stays inside the home. Plus they have a low wattage when compared to radiators as a result they use only less energy. 

Further, you can pair off the infrared heaters with a green tariff so the heating is carbon-free. You can talk with the estate agents operating in Brighton to know if the infrared heaters are suitable for your property or not.  


  1.    Heat pumps 

Heat pumps are an amazing great carbon-free solution to keep your home warm and it works by taking the outside heat from the surroundings and transferring it inside your home. You can also use heat pumps to make your home cooler in the summer months. 

Further, it can be a big investment to install heat pumps in your home but once installed it will be useful to cut energy costs in a long term.

If you are planning to comfortably settle down in a property for a long time then installing heat pumps is a great idea because it will offer great insulation for your home for many years. 


  1.    Electric radiators 

Electric radiators are an effective heating solution for your home because they create heat by combining convection and radiation. You can also pair it with a green tariff for carbon-free usage which means that you only buy energy that uses renewable energy generation methods. Therefore you can also choose electric radiators for your home if you are looking for energy-efficient heating options.


Enjoy a comfortable lifestyle by making your home energy-efficient

You can increase the energy efficiency of your home by using renewable sources of energy instead of gas and if you need help in the process of finding energy-efficient homes, get in touch with Brighton estate agents.