What to Invest in as a Beginner?

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By John Wick

Whether you’ve been saving for a few years, have inherited a nice sum of money, or just want to be savvy with your cash, you might be looking to invest.

But what can you actually invest in, and which options are actually worth it?

Today, we will discuss three ways to invest and break down what each option actually looks like.


If you’ve already started researching your investments, you’ll likely have come across stocks. Stocks refer to when an investor buys a part of a business. It’s one of the most common ways to invest and can lead to fast wealth growth.

You can buy stocks in a variety of ways. The stock exchange, for example, or through a specific account like an IRA or 401K plan. There’s also the option to buy into a business that’s privately owned too. Whether you inject cash into the business, offer services or provide the business with some level of value is up to you.

The final way to invest in stocks is to launch your own business. From here, if you create a profitable company, you can either sell it or keep it ticking over for a steady income.

Lend with interest

Loaning your money out to others is a great way to support people in their own ventures while also benefiting yourself. Money lent is paid back so that you can make a profit on your investment.

This can be done in the form of bonds or creating your own direct loan. Buying bonds is one of the easiest ways to invest as a new investor, and they can be issued by the government, corporations, non-profits and other types of business.

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Real estate

Owning real estate is one of the oldest ways to invest money. Owning a property gives you the opportunity to put it up for rent in order to bring in a nice monthly wage.

Another way to rent a property is through a lease-purchase contract. In this type of contract, the investor owns the property while the residents pay rent with the right to buy. If the renters find themselves in a position to buy the property, they can do so. The idea is that the monthly instalments will pay off the original price of the property so that when the residents are secure enough to buy it, you’ll gain a nice profit.

If you’re willing to move, purchasing a home for your family can also be somewhat of an investment. Through the highs and lows of the housing market, you might just find your $100,000 home increases in equity to become a $120,000 home in just a year – giving you a nice little profit on your investment.

The last way to invest your money through real estate is through house flipping. In this type of investment, you’ll buy a low-priced property, make repairs and upgrades and sell the house for a profit. If you spend all your budget on the property itself, you can apply for private real estate loans to foot the bill of the refurb and pay this back with the profits you make from the sale.

Hopefully, you’ll still have enough leftover to purchase another flip house, too.

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