What should you know about the 36V lithium battery from BSLBATT?

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By John Wick

The battery is one of the common types of equipment that is used to power different applications in various industries. There is a wide range of batteries that are manufactured in the market and these batteries differ based on their assembly, voltage, specs, features, and price amongst other factors. Before you purchase the battery for your business or application, you must identify your requirements and then based on that choose the most suitable battery in the market from reliable lithium battery suppliers.

The efficient range of 36V lithium ion battery from BSLLBATT

It is important that you buy premium branded batteries that are known for their excellent performance and longer lifespan. The two fundamental features of an efficient battery are durability and productive output. The BSLBATT are particularly renowned for their excellent range of lithium-ion batteries in the market and their products are trusted by a large proportion of consumers in the global market.

The efficient range of 36V lithium ion battery from BSLLBATT

The BSLBATT produces lithium batteries of different specs and volts including 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V. The 36V lithium ion batteries from the company are widely used in different applications. The company uses the proprietary phosphate technology for offering inherent safety and scalable solutions ranging up to 1000v and various capacities between KWh and MWh.

The proven technology used by BSLBATT has delivered trusted field performance for more than a decade with the configurable control and redundancy across BMS for ultimate integration ease. The 36V lithium battery solutions from BSLBATT made for the marine industry have opened incredible avenues for providing house power, propulsion, emergency backup, and UPS for large-scale commercial projects like commercial marine vessels, tugboats, water taxis, large private yachts, and electric ferry.

The best 36v lithium batteries that are listed on the company website include Floor Machine / Scrubber Batteries | Innovative Battery Solutions, 36V 50AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery, 36V 200AH lithium deep cycle marine battery, LiFePo4 36v 80ah Pack (LFP), 36 Volt Lithium Trolling Motor Battery (LFP), and 36V 40Ah Lithium Battery (LFP) amongst others. We will have a brief look at one of these products.

36V 50AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery: This is a state-of-the-art battery pack from is made using 18650 cells and it is designed for 36v devices. This battery pack is ideal for e-bikes, e-scooters, robots, solar applications, and other types of applications that need high-energy-density batteries. The max continuous discharge current that you get with this product is 70A and the peak discharge current is 140A for 5 seconds.

The lithium batteries manufactured by BSLBATT use robust and high-quality integrated battery management systems and these batteries are designed for controlling and managing all battery protection requirements. The BMS maximizes battery performance by auto-balancing cells and protecting these cells from getting over-discharged or overcharged. You get excellent features of high energy density, fast recharge, flat discharge, greater capacity utilization, and larger cycles with this battery.