What Pakistanis are searching on Google during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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As like other countries in the world, the coronavirus has affected Pakistan very badly. Because of this pandemic the daily life of everyone has completely changed. Due to coronavirus the daily routine life is disturbed in Pakistan.

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However, if we look at the stats of Google search during this coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan. The Pakistanis people searching about the different aspects of the virus and its spread. According to the Pakistan Google trends section, there are many different queries related to coronavirus on Google. Globally, Pakistan is one of the major countries searching for the virus.

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If the data is analyzed, it is estimated that there was no curiosity about the virus in Pakistan at the beginning, but after the lockdown in Wuhan, it gradually increased. Searches on Google began to rise as the first cases surfaced on February 26th, and most searches were made on April 5th.

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It is the only search for the words of coronavirus. Most of the people from Azad Kashmir have been trying to find out information about Coronavirus on Google, followed by FATA, Sindh, Punjab, KPK and Balochistan.

The most searched word with coronavirus was coronavirus Pakistan. Other coronavirus searches in Pakistan on Google are as follows.

  • Update coronavirus
  • Coronavirus cases
  • Coronavirus in Pakistan
  • Corona
  • Coronavirus World
  • The Coronavirus symptoms
  • Coronavirus update Pakistan
  • Coronavirus news
  • Pakistan coronavirus cases list

Above are the top searched keywords about coronavirus in Pakistan. The searches of the above words gradually increased after the lockdown in Wuhan and after the first case in Pakistan.

Coronavirus Symptoms:

Surprisingly, instead of the Coronavirus, there is a high number of Google searches about its symptoms in Pakistan and it has been searching since the beginning of January.

The top searches were on March 23 and 24, with Corona Virus Symptoms, Corona, Corona Symptoms, Symptoms of Corona Virus, Corona Virus among the top sources linked to it.

Coronavirus treatment and vaccine:

With the increase in cases of coronavirus in Pakistan, interest in the treatment has also increased. Especially since March, many people was searching on Google about the treatment of coronavirus. From January to April, searches have been made in this regard and it seems likely that the searches will continue until the vaccine is ready.

There has been a great deal of research on the BCG vaccine, specifically used to prevent TB, since a study in the West suggested that the vaccine was tested for protection against Corona. Going or the countries where this vaccine is used, people have got some protection, people’s Google search has increased significantly. BCG Vaccine Pakistan and BCG Vaccines keywords are being used for these searches.

Face Mask:

Like in the world, Pakistan has done a lot of searching on Google for the use of face masks to protect against coronavirus. Most people have been searching for the N95 Face Mask, followed by Surgical Face Masks in Pakistan, Face Mac Draws and Face Masks in Pakistan.

Safety measures

When looking at handwashing, sanitizer and face mask data, most people searched for Sennheiser. After that search was done on a face mask. Surprisingly, people are apparently not interested in the simplest means of hand washing.

Work from home

As a result of the lockdown in the country, various sectors have allowed their workers to work from home, and for that reason, Google has seen a significant increase in searches in this regard since the start of Lockdown.

Global Cases

Italy, Iran, the United States, China and Spain have been the focus of Pakistani citizens’ search for the Coronavirus globally. Italy, China and the United States are the countries most searched for, followed by Iran and Spain.

Social distance

There is a lot of emphasis on social distance around the world to protect against the Coronavirus, but when Google search data is seen, people in Pakistan start paying attention to it in the middle of March, leading to a nationwide lockdown.


Coronavirus Remedies

By the way, no cure for the Coronavirus has been available yet, but from late February to April 10, people were searching about coronavirus remedies.  And know that there is currently no tip-off that only social distance and personal hygiene are the most important weapons of protection against this virus.

How long will the Coronavirus outbreak last?

Yes, this is also a question that Pakistanis are reluctant to know about with the help of Google, especially since mid-March, a lot of search is being done in this regard.

Entertainment sources

As a result of the lockdown, millions of Pakistanis are confined to their homes, so now they are spending their time in front of the TV or screens, so it is not surprising that the Netflix search has increased significantly since the lockdown.

A 9-year-old Hollywood movie Contagion has been viral as a result of the Coronavirus, and it seems that people in Pakistan have been searching for it on Google a lot, especially since mid-March. Looked fast and most downloaded or downloaded the Urdu dub version.

Hollywood and Bollywood have grown over the course of a month to watch movies online and people have taken a lot of interest in exploring different websites.