What is the purpose of a will? 

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By John Wick

You are simply wrong if you believe Wills are only for the wealthy. It is the most important document for transferring your possessions when you pass away. 

You must determine who will inherit particular assets and when they will receive them. You should decide who will act as the executor and/or trustee for your estate. For your underage child, you should appoint a guardian. You should plan for the smooth operation or sale of a family firm.

Since everyone’s circumstances are unique, below are the 5 leading reasons to have a will.

You’re a property owner

Your real estate could be transferred by multiple co-owners, including children if you don’t leave a Will. Your home may need to be divided or sold at some point. It could also make it more difficult for your heirs to sell the home or get a mortgage on it in the future.

 It can be costly and time-consuming to clear title and ownership. A Will can save your heirs a lot of money and time in the future. Content of a will can be done with great ease with our help.

You’ve got minor kids

You can appoint guardians and trustees to manage your children’s property through a Will. If you die without a Will, the Court may appoint guardians and trustees for your children whom you do not want.

If your children inherit a portion of your property investment, your spouse or another beneficiary will be unable to sell, rent, or even refinance any mortgage on that real estate without your children’s participation, involvement and agreement. 

Control over how your assets are distributed

You can direct who receives your property and how it is split through a Will. You can give particular products to specific people or distribute everything among a group of people. It’s entirely up to you.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a Will, you won’t be able to ensure that some special goods, such as your home, are protected. 

Donations and gifts

It’s an excellent reason to have a will since it allows your legacy to go on and represent your values and interests. Furthermore, gifts of up to $15,000 are exempt from inheritance tax, allowing you to increase the value of your estate for your heirs and beneficiaries to enjoy. To learn about the most up-to-date gift tax exclusions, check the current laws for your year and Online Property Wills

Since tomorrow is never fixed

The lack of a will is often due to procrastination or an unwillingness to embrace death as a part of life. When an unexpected death or incapacity occurs, it is sometimes too late to realize the importance of having a will.  Before it’s too late, speak with Wills Lawyers to help you draft a rudimentary Will at the very least.


Investing the time now to have this simple paperwork produced for you will save you money in the long run.  You should obtain expert guidance before putting any family plan in place.