What is hunger and why do we feel it?

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Hunger: When organs are in need of food, they ask for food to be sucked into the veins. Similarly, the veins ask for food from their growing place (liver) and liver from the gastric ulcer and the vascular gastrointestinal tract. The gut’s mouth (femur) is signed (the skin is affected by the sensation), so it is affected by the process of sucking.

In the meantime, ‘bargaining’ as a stimulus falls on the stomach, causing the stomach to contract. This condition is called hunger (appetite). If one of these conditions is left unfulfilled, then hunger occurs.

Lack of appetite, is the symptom of a disease or a disease in itself?

It should be kept in mind that loss of appetite reflects the coldness or heat of the liver as both of them weaken the liver and absorb gallstones from the gut. But there are different reasons.

Causes of anorexia (Eating Disorder)

Gastritis: Because Gastritis hurts the gastrointestinal tract, nature is different from the diet.

Gastric ulcer: Its presence neutralizes the gastrointestinal tract.

Excessive use of oil baked goods: because they increase the amount of mucus in the stomach.

Frequent digestion and gas-rich diet: Such diets weaken the gastrointestinal power.

Depression of the gastrointestinal tract: This is because the stomach becomes loose. Hunger decrease during the summer season.

Gastrointestinal motility accumulates in the gastrointestinal or whole body: Their presence causes gastrointestinal or salty substances in the gut. Sometimes lacerated mucus accumulates in the stomach and reduces appetite.

Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract (plate):

This condition results in a craving for food and thus starts to become hungry. If the gastrointestinal tract is invalid and therefore does not feel hungry, eating a healthy diet does not matter. Even mental disorders and traumas can lead to loss of appetite. Sometimes it is because the body is not inclined to diet because the body is inclined to cook the cold ingredients and nature tends to make it a component body. Therefore, the organs stop sucking the food from the vomit and from the vomiting gastrointestinal. Even when the body‘s natural secretions are less dissolved, the appetite also decreases, as the demand for organs decreases.

Some people’s appetite is reduced by the deficiency of acid.

Symptoms of loss of appetite

  1. If gastrointestinal disorders cause heat, then burns come out, thirst seems less and hot foods are relieved and cold foods are relieved. And if the mood is cold, cold foods will be hated. In such a situation Use coffee of Ajwain & Mint.
  2. If gastric mucus accumulates in the stomach, the patient does not feel thirsty, the heart of a patient’s diet which is warm and fast. After eating such a diet, the stomach grows, and the bladder relaxes. In such a situation we use weights and weights.
  3. If the gastrointestinal or saline mucus accumulates in the stomach, it may cause irritation, nausea, and vomiting in the stomach, as well as the taste of the mouth, which is bitter or salty. Cinnamon is useful in such cases.
  4. Sometimes unnecessary ingredients or nausea, vomiting, mouth odor, soft bras that have a strong odor. In such a case should vomit.
  5. Diseases of the liver come in different colors. Improve the liver for this.
  6. If the skin of the body is solid and the patient can remain without diet for a period of time, it should be understood that the body’s moisture is not dissolving. So massage, sweat.