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What are the Ways to Transform Home on Budget?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Everyone who has a home of their own will not deny the fact that the room for improvement in the property is always there. The only thing that didn’t allow the individuals to work on this is that they don’t have enough to spend. Or they don’t have any idea where to begin.

However, the amazing news for every homeowner is that there is no need to spend a hefty amount in order to transform a home. There are several options available that can work amazingly well without affecting your bank, such as:

New Window Treatments

Windows are an integral part of the home. They can make or break the look of the home. If the windows are in terrible condition, like they have dents, very old or dirty curtains, it is a sign to get them replaced. You will not have to spend tons on this.

All you need to do is buy some new high-quality curtains, change the rod, and clean the windows with the solution you can make at home. In case you have a tight budget and cannot give treatment to every window present around the home. Better update areas that are prime, like the living area, dining room, and then proceed. Lining boards are a great way to add visual interest to your home on a budget. By installing lining boards around doorways, windows and other openings, you can create a completely new look for your home without spending a lot of money.

Plant Flowers for Aesthetics

Remember, the home exterior is equally important as the home interior. Those who visit the home make their perception of an entire home by seeing the outside space. So, ensure that it looks beautiful and appealing.

Here, all you need to do is visit a nursery and visit some flowers that aren’t hard to maintain. After that, get rid of the dry and old bushes with the fresh ones. In this job, you will not have to hire any professional. In case you have zero ideas about gardening, watch 3 or 4 videos online, and you will understand what to do.

Upgrade Bathroom & Kitchen

Even though each part of the Lahore smart city home holds equal importance, bathroom & kitchen areas are the areas that have the upper hand among other areas.

Now, if the doorknobs or taps are rusted, they aren’t benefiting you in any way. Better change these parts on the spot, as their price in the market is also reasonable. Likewise, if kitchen cabinets are broken and aren’t fulfilling their purpose, replace them too. Even though replacing a whole cabinet is a time-consuming and tiring process, still, if you dedicate one weekend of yours, you will not be going to regret it.

Get Rid of Stained Carpet

Carpets aren’t easy to maintain. Even if you vacuum them daily or try a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle to clean. Stains are going to be visible after sometime, mainly if you have children or pets at home.

You can hire a professional to clean the carpet from time to time. Surely it will keep the carpet in good condition for a very long time. But if the carpet is pretty old, at that time, spending money on it is a complete waste. So, better to purchase a new modern carpet as it will serve you for a long time.

Wash and Stain the Deck

The deck is a part of the home that stays exposed to elements constantly—all this deteriorates the condition of the deck, mainly if it is made of natural wood. However, if a homeowner pays little attention to it, the deck can look amazing and welcoming for sure.

Now the process of it is that you rent or buy a pressure washer, as it is the best way to get rid of dirt and other stuff. Later apply the coat of stain in order to provide the deck a fresh look. Once a year, you can even hire a professional for the maintenance of the deck.

Paint the Entire Home

The best way to give an old home a new look is by a fresh coat of paint. For this task, there is no need to hire an expert; only your time and effort are needed.

All you have to do is go to the shop and buy some supplies like the paint you prefer, brushes, roller, and tray. It is better to buy a plastic sheet that you can put on the floor and furniture to keep them safe from the stains. Later, watch a tutorial video, and you are ready to transform your home. Moreover, you can take help from a family member or friend for this task.

Now, if you are among those who aren’t planning to sell your home anytime soon and think the above discussed points aren’t useful for you, then you are mistaken. Every home needs a renovation, and also you never know what comes for you in the future.

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