What are the top Travel Essentials for Babies and Toddlers?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Are you ready to embark on your first adventure with a child?
Congrats! Welcome to the exciting and scary world of family travel.

Good news:

Infants can make great travel companions. They are less likely to complain than toddlers and they won’t require a full-sized bed. You don’t even need a separate plane ticket.

Bad news:

It can be daunting to think about what you should pack. What are the most essential things you should buy? What is complete waste?
Here are some of the travel essentials for your baby


Food seems to be one of the most difficult travel necessities for babies. Some of these items may be useful, while others might not, depending on whether your baby is breast- or bottle-fed. Simply choose the items that are most important to your baby.

The Travel Sleeping Bag:

A travel sleeping bag can help you make a smooth transition once you have arrived at your destination. It is specially designed with openings to fit a Britax stroller harness or car seat. Your sleeping baby can then be moved easily without the sleeping bag being removed. Simply unbuckle your child, and you can continue their sleep.

Travel Bassinet:

Sometimes, it is easier to travel with your baby’s Play rather than relying on renting or borrowing one once you get there. The Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet is a great choice if you are looking for a portable, lightweight bassinet. It’s a small space bassinet that is a great Rock N Play option.

Travel Stroller for Babies
Baby travel strollers are usually lighter and easier to fold than traditional travel systems. It’s easier to travel with a baby if you can reduce the weight and quantity of your stuff. The best double stroller for babies is one that has a sunshade and reclines for easy naps.

Car Seating Cart:

When traveling with a baby, the car seat cart is a must-have item. The cart is made from lightweight, flexible plastic. It folds into a small square that can be carried in your carry-on luggage. It has a buckle that is similar to an airplane seatbelt. This allows the car seat to be secured to the cart. After the car seat has been attached, the child can be strapped into it and pulled along like a roller board bag. It makes it easy to transport the car seat from the start to the end, without needing to carry it. This allows us to convert our car seat to form a large stroller.
Slumber pod
This is especially important if you share a hotel room and your baby. You get the light on, but they get dark space.


Let’s start by starting with something simple. What number of outfits should I bring? It depends on whether you plan to wash your clothes. We always travel with our baby and stay on Airbnb at least for part of our trip. Alternatively, you could always spend a few hours at the laundromat during your trip or have it done at your hotel if they offer laundry services.

For adults, we aim to have clothes for about 3-4 days and babies for around 2 days (because she will likely go through several outfits in one day). Do not forget to bring 2 sets of pajamas. One warmer and one cooler. You never know what the heat/AC will be like.

Diaper Bag Backpack:

This backpack has everything. This backpack is a must-have for anyone traveling with a baby. We tried regular diaper bags and over-the-shoulder bags. NONE OF IT WORKED. It was all disorganized and there wasn’t enough space for the baby/toddler’s needs. We needed something practical now that we have a Baby and Toddler. We love it!
You should always pack diapers and wipes for your baby’s travel. A packing cube can be used as a “go bag” to change diapers on the plane or for quick trips to the toilet during layovers. Always bring 3 diapers, small packets of wipes, a changing pad, and a spare outfit for your baby.


It’s a portable, waterproof privacy pod that babies can use to sleep in while on the move. It’s so dark inside, trust me. I checked it and it allowed my son to sleep deep without any light being woken. It folds up very tightly, so it fits in my large checked bag for flying. It’s easy to set up, and I’ve done it before. Get $20 off with code PARTTIME20

Dining Booster Chair:

No highchair? No problem! The Dining Booster chair will ensure that your toddler or baby is safe and secure every time they tuck into it. The Flippa is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 15 years old.
Essentials for baby feeding
You may need different items depending on how you feed your baby. It is best to do a little research and find out what you and your baby need.
You can choose from a simple set of breastfeeding pads or a complete pumping kit (see below), baby cutlery, and a travel high chair, as well as snacks for weaning.
Consider that infants may find comfort in nursing while flying, and older children might enjoy eating snacks to relieve pressure.


The baby should have fun while traveling. You and your baby can enjoy a memorable trip by keeping these things in mind. Thanks for reading!