Ways of Supporting a Loved One Under Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Texas



Admit it: loving an alcoholic or a drug addict is difficult. When we want to help our loved ones who are addicted, we often end up enabling them. How then can one help a loved one while still maintaining appropriate limits? Is there also a way to steer them in the correct path without being too forceful? This article is an analysis of a few methods to express your love and support for a loved one under addiction treatment and recovery.  


Ways of Supporting a Loved One Under Addiction Treatment and Recovery

  • Removing all drug addiction triggers

People who are trying to break away from their drug addiction sometimes find that being around drugs or places where they used to use is very stressful and tempting. By removing these triggers, you are able to free up your loved one’s mind to concentrate on healing ideas rather than self-control. If your loved one will be spending time at your home, it is important to keep your house drug and alcohol free. In addition, destroy or secure any prescription medications you may have. 

Helping a loved one avoid potentially upsetting social events is another way to reduce the chances of a relapse after successful at-home mitigation measures. 

  • Maintain Your Health Together

You can support someone going through addiction recovery by encouraging them in their efforts to improve their health, as well as by doing fun activities with them. Substance abuse has devastating effects on one’s body and mind, and now that your beloved one is sober, the process of recuperation can begin.

Couples should work together in order to help each other stick to a healthy habit. Get active with them, whether it means going to the gym or just going out for a morning run. Together, you can also take a yoga class or go for a stroll outdoors to see if that helps. You can also get rid of the junk food in the house if you share one. 

  • Find New Common Hobbies

Finding a hobby that a person in early recovery is passionate about is a great approach to help them feel supported. It can help them in the long run, and you may also find a new hobby in the process.

Get involved in activities that don’t include using drugs or alcohol. Try to find things to do together that you’ll both love and that will show each other that having a good time does not need alcohol. Camping, performing music, cooking, seeing a movie, taking cooking class, or going to a concert are all wonderful group activities. By getting children involved in group, whether via caregiving, or volunteering, you may also help them develop a sense of responsibility and discipline, as well as instill positive health behaviors.

  • Maintain Healthy Limits

Boundaries are necessary if you want to continue helping someone who is in addiction recovery. Make it clear to your partner on what you will and will not tolerate, and demand that your emotional and physical needs be met. 


Do You Live in Texas and Need Help Managing Your Substance Abuse?

Supporting an addicted loved one might be difficult for someone who is not familiar with the addiction recovery process. You may be hesitant to speak out for fear of making them feel let down. 


At Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, Texas, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for those in recovery and their loved ones to find comfort and strength in one another as they go on with their healing. We offer a wide range of treatment regimens and we are sure that of the many available, one will work for you.   

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