VOIDECK Eyes Global Expansion with Revolutionary Safety Solution

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By John Wick

A groundbreaking safety innovation has taken root in Wellington NZ is poised to transform the global construction industry.Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, VOIDECK® is a revolutionary temporary void platform protection system that has rapidly gained traction since its introduction in 2019.Construction sites are notoriously hazardous, with falls from heights being one of the leading causes of injury and fatality.According to WorkSafe New Zealand, falls from height accounted for a significant portion of workplace injuries in the construction sector.VOIDECK® offers a robust solution to this pressing problem, ensuring the safety of workers and compliance with stringent safety regulations.

From Humble Beginnings

VOIDECK® was established in Wellington in 2019 with a mission to eliminate falls from heights in void areas on construction sites.Since its inception, the company has successfully introduced its innovative system to both the residential and commercial sectors of the construction industry in New Zealand.VOIDECK® Temporary Void Platform System is a lightweight, self-supporting modular platform installed within voids, providing unobstructed access above and below.Its unique design features modular aluminium panels supported by a tube and bracket system, securely attached to the surrounding structure.This system can be installed as soon as the void is formed, offering immediate fall protection and a safe working platform for the duration of the construction process.

Impact on the Construction Industry

Since its introduction, VOIDECK® has made significant strides in improving safety standards on construction sites across New Zealand.The system’s ability to eliminate fall risks in void areas has been lauded by construction firms and workers alike.Testimonials from local construction companies highlight the system’s effectiveness in preventing accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Exceeding Safety Standards

VOIDECK® not only meets but exceeds the safety requirements set forth by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.The system is Engineer Certified and complies with AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 standards, providing assurance of its quality and reliability.This compliance underscores VOIDECK®’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the construction industry.

National Expansion

VOIDECK® has already established a strong presence in the residential and commercial construction sectors in New Zealand.To build on this success, the company plans to expand its reach throughout the country using a franchise business model.This approach will enable VOIDECK® to leverage local expertise and resources, ensuring that more construction sites can benefit from its innovative safety solution.

International Ambitions

Looking beyond New Zealand, VOIDECK® is set to take its safety solution to the global stage.The company aims to expand internationally by utilizing its Intellectual Property and forming strategic partnerships with interested parties worldwide.Potential franchisees and distributors are invited to join this exciting journey, contributing to a safer construction industry on a global scale.

Business Model and Franchise Opportunities

VOIDECK®’s franchise business model offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and construction professionals to join a rapidly growing company with a proven track record.Franchisees will benefit from comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to VOIDECK®’s innovative products and technologies.This model not only promotes business growth but also ensures that safety standards are upheld across all locations.

New Franchisees Wanted!

VOIDECK® is actively seeking partners to join its expansion efforts.Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to learn more about the franchise opportunities and how they can contribute to a safer construction industry.By becoming a part of the VOIDECK® family, franchisees will play a crucial role in preventing falls and enhancing safety on construction sites worldwide.

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