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By John Wick

One big plus of being a Passport Bro is the fact they always meet people of different cultures and they tend to travel a lot. 

Passport Bros constantly meet new women before they settle for the one they really like and want to pursue. For you guys that don’t know who the Passport Bros are, then it’s time you find out. 

The Passport Bros are men who decided to completely ditch the dating scene from the Western world and decided to travel or to relocate to Asia or South America to find their significant other. The majority of these Passport Bros tend to travel to Thailand and The Philippines. They seek women that hold traditional values and that would be loyal to them and mostly, not effected by the social media of today. 

They blame the difficulty in dating in their own country, claiming that dating women in the West is just a waste of time. For them, women are just interested in finding men that can support them financially, play games or simply don’t know what they want. This happens in person and on dating apps as well. 

Apparently some of these Passport Bros, not only found their match overseas, but also decided to settle there and leave the US (and Europe). Others prefer to bring their girlfriend/spouse on a fiancé visa back home. 

A lot of videos of these Passport Bros are emerging on TikTok where these guys can be seen having a good time, are happy and smiling which is something they didn’t experience back home. 

They mention in their videos that dating back home would cost them thousands of dollars with the high probability of wasting their time and feeling disappointed. So for a fraction of  the investment they can travel to Asia and literally feel like kings. Cost of living in Asia is much less than Europe or the US and local women prefer foreign men.  

As time goes by, we will hear more and more from these Passport Bros but one thing is sure. This movement is growing.