Varifocal Glasses: A Scientific Pair!

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By John Wick

Over the years, the eyewear industry has done really well to cater to the emerging demands of consumers. Today, glasses are a lot more than just an eyesight correction instrument. They are highly effective as a fashion accessory, take care of your digital wellbeing through the blue light glasses, protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays via sunglasses, among others.

One of the recent types of lenses that has been introduced are the varifocals. Varifocals are a result of some fine work of science. Recently, I got my round tortoiseshell glasses updated with the varifocals lenses and they are performing their function to perfection. But what function? Let’s understand what varifocals are!

What are varifocal glasses?

Varifocals are highly progressive. And that’s why they are also known as progressive lenses. These glasses provide a clarity in vision for all distances. Yes, this is done using a single pair of lenses. They are a modification of the bifocal lenses.

Eyesight correction for all distances are provided by employing three visibility zones. Each of these zones provide eyesight correction for different ranges – near, intermediate and far. What is even more amazing is that the divisions are not at all visible to the naked eye. Varifocals appear just like any other lens. The invisible divisions ensure that the aesthetic beauty of these lenses are not compromised.

Working of varifocals

Varifocals come with multiple focal points. It is the multiple focal points that is the reason behind varifocals functionality. Each focal point is responsible for sight correction of a particular distance. Hence, by using multiple focal points, sight correction for different ranges of distance is achieved.

Varifocals are designed by taking care of the fine details to ensure that sight correction for both near and far objects, and anything in between, is achieved. For every new pair of spectacles, it takes a little time to get adjusted to them. Same applies for varifocals. But once you are accustomed to them, you will not be required to make any manual adjustments.

When do you need varifocals?

For those who are suffering from both nearsightedness and farsightedness, varifocals are what you must make a shift to. You will not only be assured of sight correction for various distances but also experience a smooth transition when you shift the focus of your eyes from one spot to the other.

With ageing, our eyesight with respect to nearby objects tends to weaken. One might be diagnosed with a condition called presbyopia. Under this, one’s ability to see nearby objects – with clarity – diminishes. This condition is mainly experienced by those above the age of 40. For those suffering with presbyopia, reading gets difficult for them. Hence, varifocals can also be used as reading glasses..

Varifocals are mainly required by people in the higher age group. But some may also require them before reaching this age group.

Difference between varifocals and bifocals

Varifocals are an advancement of the bifocal lenses, and there are significant differences between the two. Let’s look at them!

As the name suggests, bifocals come with two focal points. As already discussed, varifocals contain multiple focal points. The benefit arising out of this is that varifocals ensure a smooth transition when we shift the focus of our eyes between objects placed at different distances. Whereas in bifocals, you might experience some irritation while shifting your gaze.

The other major difference is their aesthetic appeal. When it comes to bifocals, there is a clear division between the boundary separating the two different zones, which is visible to the naked eye. In the case of varifocals, the divisions are not at all visible. There is no doubt that varifocals are more attractive than bifocals.

Are varifocals expensive?

Varifocals are more expensive than other types of lenses. But we need to take the advanced function of the varifocals into consideration. Effectively, they are a 2-in-1 pair, as they can be utilised both for the purpose of nearsightedness and farsightedness. So, it is absolutely reasonable for the prices to be higher. 

If you are looking for cheap varifocal glasses, you should look for them over the online medium. In modern times, there are lots of places to order glasses online. You can be assured of finding not only affordable pairs but also ones that come in amazing styles.

If the need arises for you to make a shift to varifocals, you can also send your existing pair of glasses for reglazing. By doing so, you can expect an even more affordable upgrade, as reglazing your glasses means that you can get just your lenses exchanged and keep the existing frames.