Using heatmap tools to measure user engagement

Using heatmap tools to measure user engagement

As a website owner, you wish is to know how visitors interact with your website. You can create a design that is so user-friendly and which lures them to click on a specific page. That is a step toward the success of a website but without a way of measuring their interactions, you may not reap much from the site. Heatmap tools and plugins will help you visualize where visitors click, the far they scroll and generally how they use the site. This will help you understand whether the website is providing solutions and where to improve.

There are several heatmap tools that you can use to measure user interaction with your site and this article seeks to explore nine of them

Crazy egg

This is arguably the most popular heatmap tool in the market today. With this, you have click heatmaps, scroll heatmaps and mouse cursor heatmaps. Crazy egg offers another very important feature called the confetti heatmap which will help you divide data into traffic sources. Thus you can see users from all sources like social media and how they interact with your site. You can get this tool through a monthly subscription to a reliable SEO North Sydney company.  The good thing with this heatmap tool is that it is not limited to one site; once you subscribe, you can use it on multiple sites.


This is another heatmap tool that most WordPress users prefer. With this tool, you get the click, scroll, movement, and attention heatmaps. By this tool, you can look at the user interacting with your website. Mouse flow, you benefit from form analytics which gives you a hint as to why users are abandoning your forms. With this, you can track your funnels and have custom funnels that will tell you the behavior of visitors from different sources on your site. To get this tool, you can subscribe monthly depending on your budget and the intended use.

Lucky orange

This is another very popular heatmap analytics tool. They track the visitors’ clicks, movement, and scroll depth. With this tool, you can also segment your traffic and get a session recording. Again, it comes with conversion funnels, visitors’ polls, and live chat software. This tool offers all that you may wish from a heatmap tool.


This is a powerful heatmap session recording tool that performs all the tracking; the cursor movement, scrolling, and clicks. This tool has a very powerful filtering feature on their conversion funnel analytics. You can use the tagging filter to tag the users. This allows you to see the interaction on return visits. With inspectlest, you are in a position to understand and optimize your lead generation.

This is one of the easiest to use heatmap analytics tools in the market today. It comes with a JavaScript code and very easy to install. The code synchronizes with your website without slowing it down. With, you have real-time heatmaps. You can view how visitors are interacting with your pages live. The users’ data is protected and therefore no logging of unnecessary data.

The most exciting thing for every website owner is to understand how users are interacting with your site. Heatmap tools enable you to see the behavior and that information helps you to perfectly align it with your business goals. A reliable Web Design North Sydney expert will help you get the necessary heatmaps that will give you relevant business information from your site and help you strategize for more gains. For more information please visit:

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