Umrah has changed my life

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Umrah has changed my life says Rabi Pirzada

Former singer Rabi Pirzada, who has left the world of showbiz and embraced the religion, said in a video message to the mosque that the performing Umrah has changed my life.

Rabi Pirzada has been in the holy places of Mecca and Medina for the past several days, where she shared his travels and sacred sites with photos and videos being shared on social media. The last day was Rabi Pirzada’s last day in Medina, as was her birthday on the same day.

On this occasion, Rabi Pirzada shared the experience of Umrah with fans through a videogame, saying that Umrah changed my life. Today is my birthday and all of you want my birthday present and I want you as a gift to pray for me that I have made the decision to go straight to the decision I made about my life.

Rabi Pirzada said that because it is often the people who follow the path of Allah and return after a short time. And the reason for this is the sparkle of showbiz that draws people to it.

Rabi Pirzada said that our social media today is full of news and political talk about songs, dramas, incidents of child abuse and heartbreaking news, so fill your social media with Islamic content. Finally, Rabi Pirzada appealed to all people to pray for Pakistan and Kashmir too.