Types of Water Cooler Dispensers for office

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In every office, there is a basic necessity of fresh and clean water. Offering clean water to your employees at a lower cost without harming the environment is the need of the hour.

A water cooler dispenser is the best option to offer clean water to your employees to stay hydrated the whole day. Water Cooler Dispensers are economical devices than water bottles that provide cool, heat, filter, and dispense water. However, before considering the different types of water cooler dispensers for office, you must focus on several points. Here is a list of factors.

The capacity of the water cooler dispenser depends upon the number of employees in your office and how often they use dispensers. It will help you to choose the size of the dispenser.

The water temperature is the most important factor to consider when choosing an office water dispenser. You must select the product that meets your needs, whether you want hot water to brew tea or coffee or need cold water.

Cleaning and drainage Mechanism: When looking for a water cooler dispenser, don’t miss to ask about its cleaning and drainage mechanism. A proper cleaning and drainage mechanism is required for proper maintenance of the dispenser. If water is not drained properly, there might be a chance of accidents.

Noise: Nowadays, most of the dispensers work silently, but some of them produce sound. So, you should check the noise of the dispenser before you buy it. In the office, if dispensers produce more noise, it will affect the concentration of employees.

Energy-efficient: Choose a product having an energy-saving mode that will consume the least energy and provide excellent services.

Price: After considering the above points, you should also check the price of the dispenser. You have to make a budget before buying the products. You can check the products of different companies.

Types of water cooler dispensers

After acknowledging the above points, now focus on the types of water cooler dispenser and choose which is more suitable for your office

  1. Point of use Water Dispensers: Building water supply is required for this type of dispenser. These are the most economical dispensers in the market. You do not require additional water in the form of plastic bottles as you have running water in your organization.

This is the cleanest form of the dispenser, which provides water at the lowest price. In this type of dispenser, your vendor will connect the dispenser with the main water supply, and you can use clean water without any interruption.

  1. Countertop Water Dispensers: As the name suggests, countertop water dispensers are designed to fit generally at your countertop. These are designed similar to point-of-use water dispensers, but they are more compact.
  2. These are used by businesses that require less amount of water daily. Some advantages of these dispensers are space and provide multiple types of water such as hot, cold, or sparkling water.
  3. Top loading Gallon Water Dispensers: If you compare top-loading gallon water dispensers with the point of use dispensers, they use heavy gallon bottles, which are loaded at the top of the dispensers. It is very inconvenient to use. Many companies are replacing these coolers with bottleless coolers for convenience. Top loading gallon water dispensers continuously require delivery of heavy bottles.
  4. Water and Ice Dispensers: If you also require ice in your office, you have an option of water and ice dispensers which provide you both. These dispensers have different switches for both water and ice. It gives convenience to the consumers to get water and ice at a single position.

I hope this article provides you the information about the different types of dispensers and now you will easily choose what you want for your office. Always invest in a good dispenser so that your employees have clean water every time.