TV for Tots: The Top 5 Educational Shows for Children

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By John Wick

The average United States child watches about three hours of television per day. With a growing amount of screen time, you want to at least make what they are watching beneficial to them. Figuring out what the best children’s programs are can be difficult with so many options out there

Let’s make it easier for you to decide. Read on to find the top five educational shows for children!


VeggieTales came out in 1993, so it’s really stood the test of time. Although it was previously canceled in 2004, it has made a comeback with 18 episodes your kids will love. VeggieTales is something that kids of all ages can enjoy.

The fabulous animation will keep them entertained but the content is the real winner here. You’ll get valuable life lessons pulled straight from the Bible. The tagline from the two main characters is: “Remember kids, God made you special and he loves you very much.” Click here to watch VeggieTales!

Sesame Street

You’ve probably heard of Seasame Street. This popular kid’s tv show came out in 1969. It teaches children basic education such as the ABCs, math, counting, and morals. You’ll find great content regarding friendship, honesty, trust, team spirit, and hard work.

This great show keeps kids entertained with amazing characters, colorful visuals, and engaging storylines.

Sid the Science Kid

Teaching science young is a wonderful way to prepare your child for mastering future concepts. Sid the Science Kid can help you to start introducing them to the world of science. This educational tv show will allow your child to get familiar with photosynthesis, sneezing, UV rays, and more. Sid is an aspiring stand-up comedian who loves to answer questions with humor!

Ask the Storybots

When it comes to streaming for children, Ask the Storybots is a can’t miss! These cute characters go on a fascinating adventure to Earth. While there, they answer the children’s burning questions about life.

From “How Do People Catch a Cold?” to “Why Do People Look Different”?” your kids will get answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

If I Were an Animal

Introducing your kid to the world of wildlife is easy with the help of If I Were an Aminal. This family-friendly program shows how baby animals grow to be adults. This show lets kids know what happens in the animal world as species grow, adapt, and evolve with their habitat.

They’ll even learn about how we impact the environment. With this show, they can become conscious and learn how to make small changes every day to preserve our nature.

The Best Educational Shows for Children

These are just some of the useful shows for children out there. From VeggieTales to If I Were an Animal, you know that you are giving your kids content that helps them rather than hurts them. At such a young age, they need help growing their brain!

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