Transition lenses: Power packed with UV protection in summers

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By Kaleem Ullah

Are you fond of magic tricks? Then you are in for some adventure as we have a set that will make you awestruck with its unique features. Photochromic lenses or also known as transition lenses are perfect when we talk about magic tricks. What do these transition lenses do? 

What are transition lenses?

Just as their name suggests transition lenses are the lenses that do transition as per the environment around them. These are your normal prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one moves outdoors, that’s where the magic happens. These lenses are covered with a dark tint the moment it comes in contact with the sunrays. The tint seems just like that of the sunglasses, as the sun rays fall on it the tint adjusts itself. The more the sunlight darker the tint and vice versa, so here you can actually notice how even in a dim light condition during the daytime as well. 

Advantages of using transition lenses 

There are several advantages associated with transition lenses so let’s go on discussing a few of them. 

  • There is no such struggle to keep switching between two glasses, that is sunglasses and glasses. 
  • These are super easy to carry, just make sure to carry your case. 
  • It prevents your eyes from the potential threats caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • It provides protection from the bright and dim light conditions as well. 
  • These are best known for their speed back time, as they go back to normal as soon as you move in. 
  • These transition or photochromic lenses have the ability to adjust their tint as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right on them. It helps the eyes to adjust to the condition outside. 

Which glasses would fit perfectly?

Now when you are looking for the perfect sets of stylish glasses for your photochromic lenses, we are here with a few suggestions. 

Oversized- Revoke the geek chic you have always been oversized prescription glasses always had a style in themselves. These are super big and in a style that they are worn by every other person who is looking for something that is retro and could be worn with every style. 

Tortoiseshell- Let us tell you this hack, tortoiseshell glasses with tints are the match made in the heaven of perfect glasses. These are actually quite interesting when you look into it, as tints let these glasses stand out the best. These are perfect for every style with their unique colour combination and odd patterns. 

Transparent- Perfect attention grabber in itself, these glasses have actually been a perfect pick for every occasion. As they are able to actually adapt to any event or the attire you decide to go for. They never overpower any style but they do stand out among every accessory. 

Aviator- A never-ending style that withstood the storm of time, this timeless beauty has always been among the keen interests. A pick that is able to go with every trend, these are the safest styles to be followed. It’s best to get the style that fits everyone and nothing is better than aviator glasses. 

Just like the transition 

There are other features as well which are as similar as that of transition lenses so let’s get started with those. 

Do you realise that some people truly detest wearing sunglasses? Yes, many people find it uncomfortable to gaze through tints, thus they typically avoid situations where they could wear sunglasses.

Is that it, though? Is it possible to avoid wearing sunglasses altogether?

We are well aware of the value of sunglasses for maintaining good eye health. More than just a fashion statement, sunglasses have served as a means of shielding users from the dangers of UV rays. These are also very good at protecting the eyes from unforeseen situations in the future.

But when it comes to replacing women’s sunglasses, there are good choices. And if you’re seeking some more effective strategies to combat sunglasses, you’ve come to the correct place.

Polarised lenses

You must be fully aware that there is a good probability that a harsh glare will harm something or even impair vision. Most individuals typically wear anti-glare eyewear, however, it is always preferable to use sunglasses with polarised lenses. These glasses have polarised coating, which totally prevents the glare-causing horizontal rays while allowing the rest of the light to pass through without harming the eyes.

When participating in your preferred adventure sports, such as boating, ice skating, or even trekking, polarised glasses are a need. So be sure to choose these as your ideal companion.

Tinted lenses

If you are not a die-hard admirer of sunglasses and want to stay away from anything that is gloomy and could make you feel restricted. The nicest aspect is that your prescription glasses already have light tints. In addition to functioning as regular prescription lenses, these lenses contain a tint that will shield their eyes from the sun’s rays. With the advantages of the UV coating and blue light, they are able to safeguard the eyes from any injury anticipated in the future and are a fantastic solution to combat the blues.


Therefore, for those who truly wish to avoid all tint while yet enjoying the benefits of sunglasses. People can actually have an anti-glare coating, similar to that of polarised lenses, which is quite helpful while driving at night because it will be able to cancel out the glare from the oncoming automobiles.

The same is true of anti-UV lenses, which shield eyes from UV radiation that comes straight from the sun. So, this is the ideal option because it allows you to avoid wearing sunglasses. When it comes to preventing the blue light from the sun and the digital screen an anti-blue light coating is also useful because it entirely gets rid of the digital strain.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to sunglasses, here are a few ideas.

Effects of blue light

Nothing is as dangerous as it is when something is severely overexposed. The blue lights are typically linked to improved memory and attention span. But it has had the same bad effects as before.

Increased weariness and eye strain have been linked to excessive blue light exposure. Additionally, both moderate and significant headache instances have increased.

Productivity at work is also impacted by these issues.

Even just staring at a screen for a long time has been shown to cause dry eyes in some circumstances. Yes, that is a condition that a lot of people have.

Did you realise that the circadian rhythm can be impacted by these blue lights? When utilised in low-light settings, these blue lights provide the impression that morning light is present, fooling the eye into thinking it is daylight. That explains why using the phone at night rarely makes us feel drowsy.

First of all, if a person feels the effects, they should see a professional and follow their advice. Even better, consider switching to blue-light-blocking eyewear.