Top Most Recognized Scrum Certification in the World

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Scrum is one of the popular frameworks these days that helps many organizations and business companies manage the projects and keep them accountable by reducing the overall cost.

This is why becoming a professional scrum master or product owner helps you in adding credibility and helps increase the potential of earning. Here, in this post, we’ll explain the top most recognized Scrum certifications in the world.

So, let’s read about them one by one.

Top Most Recognized Scrum Certifications in the World

There are various Scrum certifications that you can choose to get the highest-paid salary.

Certified Scrum Master

The Certified Scrum Master Training is one of the popular certifications to be pursued. In this course, the individual will learn about the framework of Scrum and achieve better roles, events, and artifacts.

The certification course is ideal for those individuals who want to be certified professional Scrum Master. Moreover, the individual can also be the manager of the Scrum team. Product owners, Scrum team members, and developers can also have this certificate.

However, the individual who wants to become a certified Scrum Master must know that the certificate is valid only for two years. So, you need to renew the certificate after every two years.

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

If you have already achieved the CSM certification, you need to have an A-CSM certificate to become the highest-paid professional. This advanced certified Scrum Master will further help get a better insight into the A-CSM and practical concepts of the Scrum field.

But for this, the individual needs to have at least twelve months of training or working experience to become an advanced certified Scrum Master. Moreover, the individual needs to gain a basic understanding of the concept of Scrum along with implementation.

After gaining the certificate, the individual can achieve the highest designated job and get handsome figure salaries.

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Professional Scrum Master

The Professional Scrum Master training is another recognized Scrum certification that helps to achieve mastery in the Scrum Framework. Moreover, the individual will learn about the Scrum Master role.

This will be a two-day course that further covers the core principles and theoretical concepts of the Scrum Framework. The accreditation body of the certified course is The certification is for any individual who is involved in the Scrum team, product delivery, and other Scrum frameworks.

This is highly beneficial for those who want to be a professional Scrum Master, manager, or team member accountable for the Scrum field.

After gaining the course and training, the individual will work in various fields such as product owner, Scrum Master, associate Scrum Master, coach, and other fields.

CSP-CM Certified Scrum Professional

This is another recognized Scrum certification that helps an individual gain the concept of the Scrum framework, facilitation, and helpful in achieving the Scrum Framework’s deep insight.

The individual who has an active A-CSM certificate and has gained at least 24-month experience in Scrum master can be the CSP-CM. Team trainers and other individuals can also gain the certification—all you need is to attend the workshop conducted by various recognized Scrum accredited bodies.

After gaining the certificate, the individuals can achieve the best-designated job in multinational and other leading business organizations. Moreover, the individual will also improve the potential of earning and achieve the best job.


These are amongst the top recognized Scrum certifications in the world for the individuals who want to gain knowledge about the Scrum field and achieve the best certificate to gain the best-designated jobs in the leading business organizations and companies. By having these certificates, one can maximize his earning potential and lead the teams in a better way.