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One of the Top Cabling Manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest Poised to Provide Cables for Gigabit Internet and 5G Expansion

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Technical Cable Applications, one of the top cabling manufacturers in the United States has been in operation since 2002 and is located in what some have called the Northwest Silicon Valley. With their facility based in the heart of King County near Seattle, they are perfectly located to provide cables, harnesses and assemblies to all the telecommunications companies that operate in the Puget Sound area, as well as being close to Interstate 5 making shipping down the entire West Coast to the true Silicon Valley or Los Angeles area simple. While Technical Cable Applications provides bulk orders of cables of all styles and connectors and provides custom solutions for extremely intricate harnesses and assemblies, they are especially experienced with telecommunications-related cables like coaxial cables, M12 cables, Cat-6 wires and fiber optic cabling.

These connectors and styles of cables have been around for decades, especially the good old coaxial cable that has been in use since before 1900, so while it might seem strange that they are still being used en masse in 2023 to the average consumer using their phone on Wi-Fi or 5G, the growth of 5G internet services and gigabit internet to more and more regions throughout the United States by major telecommunications companies does not come without miles and miles of cabling to support the new cellular towers, and new ultra fast Internet connections. The advent of cloud computing, despite being off-site where consumers will never see a single wire associated with their storage, also requires massive amounts of Ethernet and power cables that are extremely stable and powerful, as cloud servers need to be available 24/7 no matter the weather or power grid situation. Some are also predicting that 10G is not only the future of wireless internet but also coming much sooner than many thought it would and that will require even more efficient cables to support those blazing fast speeds.

This all paradoxically results in more powerful and reliable cables than ever before being needed by the corporations producing these technologies, even though the end consumer is seeing a shift away from wired technology. Despite most consumers in the United States preferring and moving towards wireless and remote technologies, as the US had a 30% market share of all gigabit technology around the world in 2021 (, August 2022), these innovations still require great amounts of long distance and short distance cabling to keep everything running smoothly and connected to users all over the country. Technical Cable Applications is excellently equipped and already has been providing bulk cabling orders for some of the largest manufacturers and industry leaders in the country, both for telecommunications and many other industries.

Dustin Twiggs, VP of Technical Cable told us that Technical Cable Applications is fully committed to providing the best cables for telecommunication companies, and is continuing to improve its processes and equipment each year to keep up with demand. “We did a ton of improvements to our facility and business last year, like increasing our real estate by 50% and adding a new sales department in Arizona which is a rapidly expanding area for business,” Dustin said. “We’re going to continue making improvements as we go along so that we can fulfill even more orders while still keeping the same quality we always have had, and flexibility for custom cable solutions as we grow.”