Top Artificial Bridal Jewelry Sets to Buy Online with Price

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By Kaleem Ullah

Buying wedding jewelry can be a very daunting decision, as you need to consider your entire look and shop for different occasions. Moreover, the jewelry you buy needs to complement your skin tone, face shape, and body type. Considering all these parameters can make you feel overwhelmed, which is why we at Tarinika are here to help. The team compiles an exciting and diverse list of bridal jewelry sets that you can buy online for highly competitive prices. As each collection is carefully curated, we hope that you will find the one that’s meant for you.

The Radha antique bridal set

This antique jewelry is a fascinating and must-have addition to any wedding trousseau. This set is a popular choice because it showcases exemplary craftsmanship with a touch of elegance and royalty. Crafted with a theme of peacocks, CZs, and ruby red stones, this showcases its theme across necklaces, a grandly designed waistband, bangles, earrings, Matha Patti, and even armlets. Definitely a sure-shot way to amp up the royal appeal on your wedding day; it also saves you the stress of having to shop around for each piece.

Suhana Nakshatra CZ bridal set

Glitter and shine in this starry set from the house of Tarinika. Crafted from the beautiful CZ stones, the quality of this beautiful product makes it a beautiful masterpiece. Crafted with delicate details, the set is inspired by nature and borrows from its flowers, leaves, and vines. Tiny drops of pearls and a small ruby red stone in the center offer this lovely piece its focal point. The set comes with two long and short necklaces, a pretty maang tika, a stone-studded passa, and beautifully crafted danglers. So, if the Radha antique set is your choice for the main occasion, the Suhana set is the perfect selection for the sangeet ceremony.

Gitika Antique bridal set

This antique necklace set is for the Indian bride who loves to experiment with her look, a blend of magnificence, class, and craftsmanship. An eye-shaped pendant studded with rubies marks the centerpiece of this jewelry set, which also holds a waist belt, choker necklace, traditional set of jhumkas, anklets, armlets, maatha patti, and the most sought after hair accessories. While the combination of ruby reds and pretty pearls on a gold-colored background are a much sought-after form of temple jewelry, these are considered auspicious for weddings and perfectly complement bridal attire. Also, each of the pieces can be worn on their own and thus ensure that this will be a set you will enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

Malavika antique bridal set

Another stunning masterpiece from Tarinika is this beautiful antique bridal set that takes inspiration from the beautiful flora and fauna. With a jhumka inspired pattern, the set is both unusual and unique. So whether you are one with traditional tastes or have unconventional ideas, this antique bridal set can perfectly complement your traditional bridal attire. You can get the perfect layered look with the intricately crafted choker, a short necklace, and a long one that sits together at the right lengths, so you don’t have to worry about one overlapping the other. A beautiful set of jhumkas, traditional maang tika, hair accessories, and armlets complete your look. Not only does the entire set work beautifully together, but it also cuts down the effort of shopping around, as all that you love are brought together in this one set. Reasonably priced, you only need to follow a little care and maintenance to enjoy this beautiful set for years to come.

Nandini Nakshatra CZ bridal set

Steal the spotlight in this superbly created set of jewelry that can make you look stunning on the big day of your life. Granting you effortless beauty and reducing your shopping stress, each bit of jewelry in this CZ bridal set can win the heart. With a highly intricate pattern that’s been executed to perfection, you can see glittering CZ stones share the canvas with tiny round pearls and drop-shaped red rubies. The set comprises short and long necklaces with matching pendants. This design is also translated to create beautiful danglers, a traditional mathapatti, an intricately crafted wide waist belt, armlets, and even hair accessories.