How to plan your father’s birthday

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Birthdays are special, and it becomes even more important to celebrate the day if it’s your father’s birthday. The one person who is the most selfless in the whole family is your father. He has done a million things for you without even asking for all of it and has made sure that you never get to know that he has not celebrated his special days and achievements for ages.

The shield that he has become for you cannot be forgotten, but then while growing up also, you must have seen him being happy in your happiness. He must have told you a lot of times that he does not like celebrating his birthday because that’s how they are emotional, where they keep you first. But now that you have grown up, it’s your turn to pamper him on every slight occasion that you can, and birthdays are one of those special times. So, here’s a list of things that you can do for your father’s birthday:

Keep a puja:

Fathers are very spiritual people, and you must have seen them beginning everything at an auspicious not. Be it you starting a new job or him buying a new car; he must have taken you to the temple, gurudwara, mosque, or a church for blessings. So, for his birthday, you can either keep puja at home or go and light a candle at the church, get blessings in the mosque or gurudwara. That will be the best beginning for his birthday. Let the moring begging with the blessings of God.

Buy Striped collar shirt:

Have you ever seen your father spend money on himself? You have probably never seen him do his shopping. There are just a few days left before your father’s birthday and you still haven’t picked out a gift for him. Classic shirts are great gifts for special occasions. Your father will love this shirt as a gift since striped collar shirts are a trendy choice this season. Choosing this present for your father would be an excellent decision. A striped collar shirt would make a thoughtful birthday gift for your father. Striped collar shirts are perfect for occasions of all kinds. It’s a wonderful way to make your father happy on his birthday.

Evening party:

Fathers do not like big parties so make sure you do not invite a lot of people. You can just decorate the house and plan a small dinner with only the people who are present in the house. Also, make sure you order cake because, without that, birthdays are incomplete. It can be tricky to choose a cake for your father’s birthday and for that your mother can help you choose a cake that your father would like. Well, if you have been in the middle of something and feel like you might not get the time to go to the shop and buy a cake, then there are numerous online cake and gift delivery sites from which you can place an order, and they will deliver the cake at your doorstep. 

A bouquet:

The expression of love becomes very different when parents get old. But that does not mean that the emotion isn’t there. So what you can do is you can order a bouquet of red roses and make your mother give it to your father on his birthday. That will be something that h will be expecting the least, and it will still bring a smile to his face.

Parents belong to the older generation and their expression of love is very different from what you see in recent times. They are less expressive and are not that vocal about what they feel and how they feel about their partner in front of others. So, high chance that even your mom can be a bit shy to give your father a bouquet in front of everyone. So make sure that you provide the surprise in the morning when all of the guests aren’t present. 

Take him to his native place:

If you do not wish to plan a birthday party or you know that your father will not like it that much, then what you can do is you can plan a trip to your father’s native place. In this rush of life, he must not have visited the site where he was born for years, and you know that he will not get some time to visit it along with the growing age. So, what you can do is take a week off from your work and take him there and celebrate his birthday there. Especially if your father is someone who does not love parties, this will be one of the best gifts that he will ever have.

Plan a trip:

Suppose your father has been wanting to go to a certain place to explore but has been avoiding the plan due to work procedures or any other reason. What you can do is you can tell your mother and father just to get ready and take their leaves for a few days and then surprise your father by taking him to this place on his birthday. Of course, parents do not expect anything from their kids generally, but as a kid, it’s your responsibility to pamper your parents now that they are growing old.

Especially because they will never tell you about what they want and wish to lessen the burden on you even if they are growing old. It’s upon you to know their wishes and fulfill them just the way they used to do it for you when you were a kid.

Your parents must have taken you on holiday and to see and explore different places, and you must have got the experience and made memories that lasted with you forever. So, this time taking your father to the place he always wanted to go will be the most beautiful experience you will ever have.

So, these are a few party ideas for your father’s birthday that you can plan and follow the points mentioned above. But, also make sure that you plan everything according to your father’s taste because it’s his special day and everything should be according to what he loves.