Top 5 High-Risk Payment Processors For Your Business This 2022

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By John Wick

Excessive chargebacks, which account for more than 0.9% of the transactions, can put you in the high-risk group. Businesses with a higher rate of chargebacks and refunds can benefit from the high risk payment processors shopify, which can provide dependable payment processing solutions. Multiple currencies and chargeback protection are available from high-risk payment processors.

Like any other business, E-commerce comes with its own set of challenges. Furthermore, the risk of failure or other profit-reducing factors may differ between two similar-sized enterprises in the same industry. Given this, who and how may determine whether or not a company is high-risk?

A bank and a credit card processor are the answers. Banks and card processors, serving as payment service providers to merchants, examine the risks involved with payment processing for a specific company customer before providing them with a merchant account. They look at everything from a business‘s products and sales volume to its payment processing past, chargebacks, and fraud rates. This is because payment processing is a business, and its owners want to minimize unanticipated losses and difficulties, or at the very least, charge more for services to possibly problematic companies. Furthermore, payment providers are liable for what they handle, and if fraud or chargebacks increase, they may have issues with issuing banks. Each provider chooses which elements to consider when deciding whether an industry is high-risk.

How to Find a Payment Processor for a High-Risk Business?

Getting a merchant account as a high-risk firm is the most challenging part of handling online payments. We all understand why banks and payment processors are hesitant to cooperate with such businesses. However, due to the growing demand, a slew of organizations are now promising to offer high-risk merchant accounts, some even with “immediate approval.” Be wary of such assurances, as even low-risk firms cannot be approved immediately. The typical time it takes to get approval is a few days.

Top 5 High-Risk Payment Processors for your Business


PayOp is a payment aggregator that works with a variety of businesses. The company processes payments in over 170 countries and accepts over 300 payment methods, including local acquiring. PayOp was launched in 2016 and is open to both businesses and individuals. You can select a payment option from your account. Tech help is available by email, telegram, Skype, and an internal ticket system during business hours. The transaction charge starts at 2.4% + 0.2 dollars and varies depending on transaction volume, risk level, and business type. Using API, Hosted Payment Page, and Server to Server, the system may be integrated in one business day.

RISK Payments

RISK Payments is a high-risk payment processor based on Tempa. “One size does not fit all” is the organization’s mantra. Consequently, when it comes to acquiring a high-risk merchant account, RISK Payments offers a variety of options. The charges begin at 2.49%. RISK Payments collaborates with various industries, including collections, nutritional supplements, travel & tours, direct sales, digital pharmacy, telemedicine, and other businesses. It offers comprehensive anti-fraud measures for fraud and chargeback protection. It also offers services to overseas merchants.


Payssion is a global payment services company. The organization accepts a wide range of payment options and successfully integrates them for businesses worldwide. The business was established in 2013. Each completed transaction incurs a commission. There are no integration fees, monthly commissions, or other hidden charges with this company. There are no dangers of chargebacks while using alternative payment methods. The organization operates on all continents and accepts more than 200 payment methods. A consumer can make a withdrawal request at any time with bank transfers.

Authorize Net is a platform that helps retailers to take credit card payments via cheques and contactless methods on their websites. There are two sections to the commission proposal. Customers with their merchant account can purchase a payment gateway independently for $25 per month, plus a $10 per transaction + $10 daily batch cost. Other customers will be charged $25 per month for utilizing the payment gateway, with a transaction fee of 2.9%cent + 30¢.

Shark Processing

Shark Processing is one of the leading high-risk payment providers serving merchants in the USA and globally. They offer credit card processing and high-risk ACH processing services for various industries. There are no set-up fees for merchants, and they give quick approvals. Shark Processing is best known for getting its merchants the best rates and solutions in their respective industries. They work with the best and most trusted banks internationally and have an excellent merchant support team.

Lastly, given the nature of their business, high-risk merchants fail more frequently than others. A large percentage of start-ups fail in their first few years. It usually happens because of the payment provider’s inability to deliver all of the necessary functionalities to enable a seamless payment flow. It’s also a contributing factor to the higher cost of high-risk merchant accounts. The list of payment processors we’ve supplied is the best solution for high-risk merchants.

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